Departments of Pediatrics and Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Welcome to the Kay Lab. Our laboratory has long been interested in the development of gene transfer vectors for gene therapy as well as manipulating non-coding RNAs for therapeutic purposes. A major interest has been in unraveling the mechanism of viral vector transduction in vivo. Our work has focused on two vector systems, mini-circles and recombinant AAVs (rAAV). Using gene transfer vectors, we studied the potential of using transcriptional-based RNAi to treat human disease. Our work uncovered key mechanistic insights into how non-coding miRNAs are loaded into active RISC complexes in mammals as well as the discovery of new classes of small RNAs derived from tRNA, and non-coding RNAs that may be generated by RNA-directed RNA transcription in vertebrates.

Lab News

09/01/2018. Coming and going: Gustavo took a job as a Scientist at Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. Congratulations Gustavo. Also, Jun joined the lab in September. Welcome!

05/01/2018. Welcome to our new postdoc Francesco, who joined the lab this month.

03/01/2018. Shinnosuke joined the lab as a Visiting Scholar. Welcome!

12/14/2017. Hak Kyun's paper "A transfer-RNA-derived small RNA regulates ribosome biogenesis" was published in Nature [Link]. Congratulations!

07/15/2017. Farewell and best wishes to Paul; and starting his own lab at the University of Washington!

5/15/2017. Paul and Hak Kyun both gave talks at American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) annual meeting. Well done!

03/01/2017. Welcome to Hagoon who joined the lab last month!

01/01/2017. Jiamiao's paper "A 5′ noncoding exon containing engineered intron enhances transgene expression from recombinant AAV vectors in vivo" was published in Human gene therapy. Congratulations!

07/01/2016. Welcome to Ren who joined the lab this month!

05/01/2016. Paul's paper "RNAi induced hepatotoxicity results from loss of the first synthesized isoform of miR-122 in mice" was published in Nature Medicine. Congratulations!

04/01/2016. Welcome to Ziwei who joined the lab this month!