Next Submission Deadline: October 2004

Masque Magazine, a queer fine arts and literary magazine at Stanford, accepts previously unpublished poetry, prose, commentary, photography, visual art and all forms of artistic expression that can be conveyed by print media. Submissions should be not only of high quality and significance but should also reflect interest to those inside and outside of the queer community. Submissions are welcomed from people of all genders and sexual identities.

Submission of Poetry and Prose

Submissions from writers outside of Stanford are occasionally accepted. Please send initial inquiry by e-mail to the editor at

Writers at Stanford, contact the editor to arrange electronic submission of your work or a pick up/drop off time. There are no length limitations to submitted stories; however, excerption or revision may be a condition of acceptance. Please do not submit more than two short stories or five poems per issue.

We prefer electronic submissions (see below) along with a hard copy submission. If a manuscript has been published or submitted elsewhere in part or in full, it will be considered for publication only after copies of these publications are provided. Only under unusual circumstances will a story be considered that has been published or is currently under consideration by other literary publications.

Electronic submission of your manuscript is required upon acceptance for publication. A copy of the manuscript in Microsoft Word or RTF (rich text format) format will be accepted by disk or by attachment via email to the editor.

Manuscripts must include author name and email address. We understand the need for some writers to publish anonymously or use a psuedonym, and ask that these preferences be expressed in initial submissions.

Submission of Photography and Artwork

Photography and artwork may be submitted in hard copy form directly to the editor by special arrangement only. This policy is meant to protect valuable and irreplaceble prints and artworks from theft. Electronic submissions via disk or cd are also acceptable. We prefer that all work 8"x10" or larger be scanned at 300 dpi or higher and saved as TIFF files. Images smaller than 8"x10" (excluding borders) should be scanned at 300 dpi and 200% scale.

If you wish to submit photographs or paintings 16" x 20" or larger, sculpture, or other potentially unwieldy media, a photograph or slide of each work is acceptable for initial consideration.

Because the interior of the magazine is printed in glossy black and white, only black and white submissions, or color submissions that convert well to black and white, may be included. However, outstanding color submissions as well as black and white submissions will be considered for the front and back covers. Submissions to be considered only for the cover should be marked "Cover Only."

Artwork must include the artist's name and email address. All original artworks and hard copy prints will be returned to the artist.

Publication Schedule

Although in the past Masque has produced as many as three issues per year, recent cuts in our funding and staff have forced us to reduce our run to one or two issues per year.

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Current Editor: Sarah Garmisa
Editor-in-Training: Marena Tynan La Fontaine

Masque Magazine
c/o the LGBT-CRC
P.O. Box 18265
Stanford, CA 94309-8265