The following are open-source software projects developed by our group. We welcome feedback and bug reports, but the software is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk.

IX : a dataplane operating system for low latency and high performance.

iBench: a microbenchmark suite for quantifying interference on shared resources. 

BVT: a borrowed virtual time (BVT) scheduler for Linux, implemented as an extension to CFS.

Mutilate: a high-performance memcached load generator.

Dune: a system that provides direct but safe access to privileged hardware features, while preserving the existing OS interfaces for processes.

Phoenix: a shared-memory MapReduce framework.

STAMP: a benchmark suite for transactional memory research.

EigenBench: a synthetic benchmark for transactional memory.

OpenTM: an extension of OpenMP for memory transactions. 

JouleSort: a system-level benchmark for energy efficiency, now part of the official Sort Benchmark.