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No preferred amount of work experience for the Stanford MBA Program

One of the many myths floating around is that you need to have a certain number of years of work experience before you become eligible for admission to business school. This may be true for some schools but NOT for the Stanford MBA Program.

As we say over and over, we believe that you know best when the time is right for business school. When you feel ready, apply. Whatever your career stage, use your application to make a case for how you will contribute, grow, and learn at Stanford.

Many applicants tell us that the right time for them is after three or so years of working. But what if you feel ready for the Stanford MBA Program after working for a decade or longer? Regardless of the myths you've heard this can be the perfect time in your career to apply. (Little known fact: the Stanford MBA Program competes vigorously with the Stanford Sloan Master's Program for talented mid-career candidates.)

You think you're ready to make an impact right after college? Well, go ahead and apply! College seniors, we have a lot of information for you on our website

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