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Just because applicants with less work experience are welcome doesn't mean applicants with more experience are unwelcome.

Thanks for your feedback and questions! Here's a great one for our Myth Buster Category:

Ahmed from Cairo asks: Many MBA Admission blogs are saying that Stanford MBA Adcom is not interested in applicants above 27 years old.

Allison Davis, Director of Operations, MBA Admissions Office, reponds: Not true! (I hope you took the opportunity to ask Derrick about this at his info session in Cairo earlier this week.)

This myth came about because we started reaching out to candidates earlier in their careers after realizing that many were waiting longer to apply because they thought schools wouldn't consider them seriously without 4+ years of work experience.

And even though candidates kept telling us they felt ready to apply after working just one or two years they tended to wait because the advice they got from co-workers, friends, and advisors was that more years in the workforce made them more competitive for admission. Again, this is not true.

Reaching out to candidates earlier in their careers also gave us the opportunity to attract more women to the GSB. While women apply to other professional schools in record numbers (everyone knows you don't need any work experience to get into law or medical school), many don't consider business school until after they have established their careers; a time when the idea of getting an MBA seriously competes with taking time out for children.

In addition, we found that some excellent candidates (both male and female) were so successful in their careers that the opportunity costs of coming to business school were too high with the result that they didn't apply. Yet they might have considered--and benefitted from--an MBA earlier in their careers.

I hope this explains why our efforts to reach candidates earlier in their careers created this myth. As Derrick Bolton frequently states: "Just because applicants with less work experience are welcome doesn't mean applicants with more work experience are unwelcome."

The most important advice we can give you is that since you know best when the time is right for you to enter our MBA Program, apply when YOU are ready!

With best wishes,
Allison Davis

Editor's Note: Back when Stanford GSB Dean Bob Joss entered business school, many of his fellow students came straight from college or had less than two years of work experience.

Looking at GSB alums such as Phil Knight (MBA 1962; founder of Nike), Jeffrey Bewkes (MBA 1977; chairman of Time Warner), and Ann Livermore (MBA 1982; executive vice president at Hewlett-Packard), you can see that this practice made sense.

For a great article about why it makes sense to come to Stanford with little or no work experience, read Dean Joss' article in the Stanford Business Magazine.