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Strategies for a successful info session

During a recent staff meeting we reviewed our experiences hosting information sessions in an ongoing effort to perfect them. While we made a list of things to consider for improvements, we realized that you, our audience, are key to the experience and hence you can play a major role in making the info sessions better.

The goal of our information sessions, whether they take place in China, India, Turkey, or here on campus, is to give you an opportunity to meet us in person so you may share your questions and concerns. While we give you an overview of the Stanford MBA Program, we usually encourage you to interrupt and to ask questions. However, we have found that the typical patterns is for you to wait with your questions until after the session has ended. As a result, we end up answering the same questions over and over (serially).

A much better system would be for you to pose your questions during our presentations so that the answer can be appreciated by the entire audience. This would allow us to actually cover more topics during the sessions as we get the most commonly asked queries out of the way for everyone.

We look forward to trying this new approach starting with your next info session.