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Tips for writing Essay B

Reading applications has been very exciting and I'm looking forward to Round 2!

First of all, reading applications is a thrill. You are sharing with us your dreams and aspirations and they are an honor to read. With particular regard to what you aspire to be, I would like to share some thoughts on Essay B, which asks: What are your aspirations? How will your education at Stanford help you achieve them?

While the questions appear straightforward, they seem to cause some angst and a bit of confusion amongst applicants. Essentially we want to know what your hopes and dreams are for the future, and then how an MBA at Stanford will play a role in helping you achieve these. In other words, what do you want to be when you grow up and how can the GSB help you make that a reality?

There are three specific points on which I want to focus, all of which fall under the prevailing theme of "there is no right answer."

1. Be authentic. Your answer's authenticity will be evident. We don't judge what you aspire to do. What we want to know is that you've thought about this and how Stanford could play a role in your life.

2. Think Cardinal. Each of you has a unique set of achievements and goals, and these inform your desire to attend Stanford in different ways. Be sure to present a thoughtful account of why you are interested in Stanford and what role the GSB will play in preparing you for the future.

3. Get to the point. Please don't feel you need to repeat or recap information already present in other parts of the application. Since you don't have much space, using a page to reiterate accomplishments from your resume is not recommended.

Remember, your answer is the right answer!

With best wishes,
Erin Kellerhals