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Apply Now for Round 3

All know who you are. You've been to our website, started an application, maybe even drafted an essay or two. All the while, you've been wondering, "Should I or shouldn't I?" "Is now the right time?" "Do I stand a chance of getting in?"

The media hype says that business school applications soar when the economy is bad and, as such, there won't be any spots left for third round applicants. This simply isn't true. And we worry that some great people may delay applying because of these misperceptions. Historically, we've found that applications follow demographic cycles more than economic cycles.

We assure you that we admit outstanding individuals in all three rounds--this year is no exception. While it is true that the final round typically is smaller than the first two, we do admit excellent candidates in Round 3--including our current Director of MBA Admissions.

So the real question to ask yourself is when do you want to enroll? If the answer is September 2009, then you should apply now in Round 3. If you're admitted, great. If not, then you're in a better position for September 2010 having already begun the self-reflection process for your first-round application.

There is still time to put together a thoughtful and thorough application by the Round 3 deadline of 8 April 2009. So if you've started, take that final step. The bottom line is we can't admit you if you don't apply.