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GSB Professor O'Reilly Recognized for Broadening Understanding of Organizational Behavior

Charles o'reilly photo

The 6,000-member Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management will present its lifetime achievement award in August to Charles O'Reilly III, the Frank E. Buck Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The division's members are scholars who study individuals and groups within an organizational context.

The lifetime achievement award is reserved for scholars who have been outstanding publishers of research and teachers in the field over two decades. In notifying O'Reilly of his selection, Division chair Carrie Leana wrote that his research on "communication and decision making, culture, commitment processes, demography, compensation, social control, diversity, and organization architectures has shaped the very way that OB scholars and practitioners look at the impact of social process and incentive mechanism." She also noted his past receipt of teaching awards and said that he was the only organizational scholar to receive the Scholarly Contribution Award multiple times from the 85,000-member Administrative Science Quarterly, which is best known for administering the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Management Award that is given to outstanding businesses.

Please join me in congratulating Professor O'Reilly!