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Thoughts from the people who evaluate your applications

Round 2 deadline was last week, and so we are in full swing. Reading the large volume of high-quality applications that Stanford receives is a challenging and enriching job. You might be interested in hearing what it's like for our staff reading your applications. Here are some comments from our readers about their experience...

— "It's like reading hundreds of biographies. Everyone has a story to tell."

— "When someone I've recommended for admission gets in, I feel that in my own small way, I've enabled someone who is eventually going to change the world."

— "The applicants have accomplished so much and have so much to offer the world. It's disappointing that we can't take them all, but I am reassured by knowing that they're going to go on and do great things even if they don't attend Stanford."

— "The toughest aspect of choosing among applicants is the limited number of seats in the class. I always feel we could fill several full classes with well-qualified applicants from our pool."

— "The collective pool offers much diversity, in terms of industry, background and aspiration. They are all interesting people that I'd love to know well."

— "It's a lonely job and the volume can be long as my eyes hold out, I'll be fine!"

One thing all of our readers agree on is that after spending many weeks getting to know our "flat friends", it's a joy to finally meet our admits in all of their 3-dimensional glory!