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New Year's Tips for Business School Success

Attending business school is a life-changing experience. Whether your acceptance letter is already hanging on the wall or if you haven't yet begun the application process, here are some ways to kick off the new year on your way to business school success.

  • Take advantage of every learning opportunity at work before you begin business school. Stretch yourself to take on new challenges, even if you may not succeed at first.
  • Give yourself time to think deeply about what matters most to you, and how going to business school will help you achieve your life goals.
  • Winter and spring are great times for a campus visit. There are few better ways to get a feel for what's in store from a particular program.
  • If you haven't yet applied, choose your recommenders carefully. Pick people who know you well and will take the time to write thoughtful recommendations.

Our Round 3 application deadline for the class of 2015 is 3 April 2013. You can read more about the process on our website, and consider visiting us for an info session and campus visit soon. Have a great year, and much luck to you in 2013!