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3 October 2013

Round 1 Interview Timeline

The Stanford MBA Round 1 application deadline just passed (2 October), and we are hard at work preparing applications for review. If you submitted an application, congratulations! We look forward to learning more about you. If not, we hope you'll apply in Round 2 or 3.

No matter what your application status is, we thought you'd want to know that our interview process will be slightly different. We decided to compress the interview timeline. For Round 1, this means we will issue interview invitations from 28 October through 26 November only, rather than over the entire round. We will send no invitations before 28 October or after 26 November. We expect to issue the majority of invitations by 19 November. (We hope this prevents those of you who applied in Round 1 from obsessively refreshing your email for most of October.)

Although the final notification date for Round 1 remains 11 December, this compressed interview timeline will allow us to let you know on 26 November whether or not you still are being considered for admission. Some of you have told us that if the answer is a definite "no," you'd rather know earlier to give you more time to work on Round 2 applications for other schools. We heard you.

This new process is a pilot, so interview dates for Round 2 and 3 are not yet set. Our hope is that this compressed timeline helps ease your anxiety as you navigate the application process. As always, we'll keep you posted.

9 October 2013

Stanford MBA Class of 2015 Profile

Looking at the Stanford MBA class profiles over the years, you may notice that the percentages always shift a bit here or there. With our small class size, even two students can, and do, create such variations. Since our candidate pool is ever changing, the numbers in the entering class change, too.

These fluctuations also speak to our admission process. We don't admit categories; we admit individuals. There are no quotas or targets in the Stanford admission process, and we assess each applicant based on her or his own merit. This is why we consider a class profile illustrative, rather than informative. In truth, there is no metric that can capture an individual's potential.

The MBA Class of 2015 is no exception. We welcomed 406 students this year, the largest class in the history of Stanford GSB. Not only are there more students in the class, but also greater diversity of experience and background. Here are some of the other shifts in the Class of 2015 profile:

  • The class comprises a record number of international and U.S. schools.

  • Representation of both women and U.S. minorities in the class increased.

  • Students joined the Stanford community directly from a record 300 organizations. More than 67% of students are the sole classmate joining Stanford directly from that organization.

  • As always, there was fluctuation in industry representation, with increases in biotech, consulting, and consumer-products sectors.

  • The number of humanities and sciences majors in the class jumped, while a handful fewer students studied business or engineering.

  • Average TOEFL and GMAT scores crept up slightly. The score ranges, however, stayed consistent.

  • Average years of pre-MBA work experience fell slightly from last year's decade-long high. The range of years of work experience also narrowed slightly.

Read the Class of 2015 Profile

23 October 2013

What Will You Do With an MBA?

When Robyn Sue Fisher '07 came to the GSB, she already had a successful consulting career in biotech under her belt. But like many Stanford MBA students, Robyn decided to change her course in pursuit of a dream.

At the GSB, Robyn developed a business plan in her Startup Garage course. Today, she is the owner of Smitten, a San Francisco ice cream company that uses high-tech methods to make a very old-fashioned favorite. Learn more about Robyn, her ice cream, and her journey to entrepreneurial success in this short video.

Obviously, not all Stanford MBAs start their own ventures. To see how GSB alumni are impacting their corners of the world in very different ways, take a look at the article, 17 Stanford Business Students Who Are Going to Change the World.