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8 January 2014

Solving Environmental Problems Through Interdisciplinary Study

Addressing challenges in today's complex world often requires expertise in multiple academic disciplines. Around 20% of our MBA students are pursuing a joint or dual degree. One of these is the MS in Environment and Resources/MBA. This joint degree integrates knowledge from the MBA curriculum with a background in the science, engineering, and technology that underlie environmental problems.

At the end of the fall quarter, our MBA/MS students presented Capstone Projects that showcase interdisciplinary knowledge being applied to current issues. The Feigenbaum-Nii Foundation Prize is awarded each quarter to the student or group of students whose project demonstrates interdisciplinary excellence.

This quarter's MBA/MS Capstone Projects showed a broad range of exploration. Projects considered problems around the world from Brazil to Russia to the U.S. They also crossed sectors and industries addressing issues in policy, agriculture, hospitality, construction, and retail, to name a few. Over half of the nine projects presented solutions through entrepreneurial products or services developed by the students themselves.

Congratulations to Marc Manara MBA '13, Kerem Alper MBA '13, and Mark Wittman MBA '13, who were awarded the Feigenbaum-Nii Foundation Prize for their project! The team contrasted the carbon emission impact of their organic food delivery service, Kincao, with the potential environmental impact of running a brick and mortar alternative. The team concluded that their startup, which has delivered over 4000 meals since launching four months ago, saves tens of thousands of vehicle miles.

Professor Feigenbaum with MBA/MS in Environment and Resources students.Professor Feigenbaum with MS in Environment and Resources/MBA students.

The full list of capstone projects and participants is available online here.

10 January 2014

Round 2 Interview Timeline

The Stanford MBA Round 2 application deadline just passed (8 January), and we are hard at work preparing applications for review. If you submitted an application, we look forward to learning more about you. If not, we hope you'll apply in Round 3.

In Round 1, we piloted a new interview process. We compressed the interview timeline to 4 weeks, and notified applicants who were not admitted sooner. This pilot was in response to applicants' feedback that if the answer is a definite "no," you'd rather know earlier to save you from spending months obsessively refreshing your email and calculating your odds as well as to give you more time to work on applications for other schools. Since the pilot was successful in Round 1, we will continue with a similar timeline for Round 2. Interview invitations will be issued from 3 February through 4 March only. We will send no invitations before 3 February or after 4 March. We expect to issue the majority of invitations by 25 February.

Waiting is no fun, we know that. Our hope is that having some certainty around the timing of interviews will help make the period before notification day easier.

31 January 2014

General Stanley McChrystal Visits the GSB

The transition to civilian life for four-star General Stanley McChrystal has been a smooth one. Since retiring from the U.S. Army in 2010, the general launched the McChrystal Group, a leadership consultancy, and began teaching as a senior fellow at Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. In his recent visit to the GSB as part of the View from the Top speaker series, McChrystal discussed the qualities of leadership and organizational behavior that were integral to his success both on the battlefield and in his transition to the private business world. His complete presentation can be seen here.

Dan Berschinski, MBA '15, who introduced the general, understands the nuances of professional transitions. After serving as an Army first lieutenant, he too is now adapting to the business world. Veterans, as well as students of all backgrounds, find the resources and support they need if they choose to shift career directions while at the GSB. Our Career Management Center (CMC) helps you chart your course and find the right opportunities at every step of your career, even as an alum.

Learn more about how you can work with CMC advisors to create a personalized career plan, develop your personal and professional skills, make strategic decisions, and achieve your goals. Veterans can learn more about eligibility for application fee waivers and our participation in the Post-9/11 Veterans Education Assistance Act of 2008, the Yellow Ribbon Program - a grant that is available to eligible military candidates.