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6 May 2014

Inspiring Change with LOWkey Notes

You've probably heard our motto, "Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world." But how do Stanford MBA students embody this through their actions, behaviors, and words? One way is through the LOWkeynotes program, which challenges students to share ideas they believe will inspire others and make a positive difference in the world.

In LOWkeynotes, students work all quarter long to develop and practice powerful nine-minute keynote-style presentations in partnership with communication coaches, faculty and alumni. LOWkeynotes provides students the opportunity to grapple with some of the challenges that leaders face as communicators, and to learn what it takes to go from being just a good presenter to being an effective leader.

Last month, a group of 28 students delivered presentations that covered a wide variety of subjects.

Marissa Duswalt, a first-year MBA who formerly worked for First Lady Michelle Obama on her "Let's Move" campaign, encouraged us to be conscious consumers who are empowered to make healthy choices. She shared a story of her own struggles with weight, and how making more informed decisions about food changed her life.

Natalie Domond, a second-year MBA, described the power of "tipa tipa," or the wisdom of "step by step," a mindset and philosophy she adopted after surviving the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and witnessing the power of slow but steady incremental change.

Adnan Iqbal, an MSx Fellow, offered a presentation on the advantages of choosing to respond, rather than react, when confronted with tense or difficult situations. By taking the time to deliberate and be intentional when responding, he argued, we all have a chance to engage with others more authentically and leave a positive impression.

To watch for yourself, check out the 2014 LOWkeynote presentations.

15 May 2014

Get Ready to Apply for Fall 2015

We're gearing up for a new application season and we hope you are, too. We've made some changes to this year's application. To help you prepare, whether you're a first-time applicant or are reapplying, here's a sneak peek at what's new when the application launches in early July.

Letters of Reference

This year, we are asking for two references. One reference must come from your direct supervisor (or next best alternative) at work. Your second reference may come from either someone senior to you (i.e.,who has observed your performance) or a peer. This recommender may be someone from your work, or not. For example, someone senior to you could be a client or previous work supervisor or board member. A peer could be a work teammate or a colleague in an extracurricular activity. You get to choose.

With choice comes responsibility. You'll need to decide what works best in your situation. Do you have a former direct supervisor that knows your work exceptionally well? Then a second professional reference is probably in your best interest. Have you worked on a significant project with peers outside your workplace? You might want your second reference to come from a peer.

The most important consideration is, choose recommenders who can best express your abilities and potential--people who know you and believe in you.


We streamlined here, as well. This year we will ask two essay questions, instead of two essay questions and a short-answer question. "What matters most to you and why?" remains the primary essay prompt (750 words). The second question, "Why Stanford?" (350 words), asks you to explain how the Stanford MBA Program, specifically, will help you get where you're trying to go. Tell us how the Stanford experience will help you become the individual you aspire to be professionally and personally.


Luckily, some things don't change. There are three application rounds for admission in fall 2015; you may apply in one of them.

Round 1: 1 October 2014
Round 2: 7 January 2015
Round 3: 1 April 2015

As always, you can find complete information about the application process, including tips, in the Admission section of the website. Here's to your journey toward business school!

28 May 2014

Coming to a City Near You

If you haven't gotten a chance to attend a Stanford MBA information session, this is a great time to do so. We just posted the cities we'll be visiting over the next few months, and there's likely to be a session near you. Or, if you'll be traveling, you can meet up with us along the way.

Dates and venues for worldwide events are being finalized and will be added to the calendar as they are confirmed. To get invitations to events in your region, fill out our Stay in Touch form.

We hope to meet you soon.