Past Updates

  • Inviting MBC Traineeship Applications
    To all interested Stanford PhD Students, As in the past, the Center for Mind Brain and Computation is inviting applications from PhD students at Stanford who would like to become trainees in the program. The program, and the application process, is nearly the same as in recent years, and is described on the MBC Web Site at the link below: Note the following key points of information about the program: 1. Currently, the program cannot offer stipend or partial tuition support for newly-joining trainees. The program will continue to provide all trainees with up to $1500 to support research- and training-related travel each year for up to 3 years, and a one-time allocation of up to $3,000 to cover other research-related expenses. 2. The deadline for applications for Autumn, 2015 is July 10, 2015. 3. Potential trainees should be sure to consult the web site at the link above for program details. There you will see that one of the steps (which should be taken by about June 10) is to contact the program administrator, Laura Hope, with a brief statement of your intentions. Laura will then put you in contact with one of us or another steering committee member to help guide you as you complete the application process. We look forward to considering your application to join MBC! Best wishes, -- Surya Ganguli and Jay McClelland
  • MBC Traineeship Opportunities Available Immediately: Simplified Application Process and Requirements
    Dear MBC Faculty, Affiliates, and Current Trainees, I'm writing to encourage Stanford PhD students who are US nationals and are interested in Mind, Brain and Computation to apply for stipend and partial tuition/fee support from the MBC's NSF IGERT Training grant. Award duration is 2 years, subject to renewal for additional 1-year increments dependent on availability of funds. Funding is available as early as this quarter, Winter, 2011-2012 for applications received by Jan 20. Requirements have been liberalized and the application has been shortened. Read on for details and deadlines for subsequent quarters. I hope some of you will be able to exploit this opportunity. I am sorry I could not get it out for consideration sooner. After reading the material below, please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to begin to receive funding effective for winter, 2012. Best wishes, - Jay McClelland, Director, MBC
  • Stanford Report
    A recent article in Stanford Report describes a new expectation-based model for the computational basis of motion perception by MBC Trainee James Fitzgerald, in collaboration with Damon Clark, Thomas Clandinin, and Mark Schnitzer.
  • Traineeship Application Process Opens
    Applications are now open for MBC IGERT Traineeships to start in Fall, 2010. Notify of intention to apply by April 15. See the Join MBC page for details.
  • New Spring Quarter Courses
    There are two new courses offered spring quarter: APPPHYS 223. Stochastic and Nonlinear Dynamics and CS379C. Computational Models of the Neocortex
  • Oscillations Journal Club
    A group in the psychology and the neuroscience departments is starting a journal club to discuss literature about oscillatory processes in the brain, both between brain regions and local oscillations. We will be meeting every other week on Monday at 1-2pm in room 358 (Building 420 - Jordan Hall, 450 Serra Mall), with our first meeting on January 12th. If you're interested, please email Cynthia Henderson at
  • MBC Traineeship Applications
    Applications for MBC Traineeships to start in Spring 2009 are due February 1, 2009. See Join MBC page for details.
  • MBC IGERT Graduate Training Seminar
    The seminar series continues this Monday, November 3, 5:05-7:00pm.with a two-part presentation by Jay McClelland, (1) Talk title: Dynamics of decision making in neurons, brains, and models. (2) Joining the MBC program as a trainee. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and interaction. Dinner will be provided at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend (students, postdocs, faculty, staff). The seminar will be held in Jordan Hall, Bldg 420 in Room 102.
  • MBC IGERT Seminar Series
    Seminars will be held on approximately alternating Monday nights, 5:05-7:00pm. There will be one talk, and plenty of time for Q&A and interaction, at each meeting. Dinner will be provided at 6:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend (students, postdocs, faculty, staff). Mon, Oct 20, Prof. Josef Parvizi Room: 102 in Jordan Hall (Bldg 420)
  • MBC Graduate Training Program Kickoff Meeting
    The MBC Graduate Training Program Kickoff Meeting has been set for Monday, October 6, at 5:30, immediately following a Lecture at 4:15 by Christof Koch in Jordan Hall, 420-041.
  • The MBC Graduate Training Program has been funded by NSF!
    The MBC Graduate Training Program has received a 5-year training grant from the National Science Foundation. An announcement will soon be made encouraging current Stanford Ph.D. students to apply to participate in the training program.