Prof. John Huguenard

MBCProf. John Huguenard
Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Room M030 Alway Building
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA 94305-5122
Phone: 650-723-5522
Fax: 650-723-1080

Lab Summary

We study mechanisms of neural circuit synchronization and oscillation, using a combination of methods, including neurophysiological, pharmacological, neuroanatomical, and computational.  Neural oscillations are associated with a variety of behaviors including selective attention, exploration, sleep and epilepsy.  One powerful method of analysis is dynamic clamp, which allows the experimenter to build hybrid circuits linking computational models with biological systems in real time.

Representative publications:

  • Bacci, A and Huguenard, J.R. (2005) Enhancement of spike precision by autaptic transmission in neocortical inhibitory interneurons. Neuron 49:119-130. ( Supplemental Information)
  • Sohal, V.S and Huguenard, J.R. (2005) Inhibitory coupling specifically generates emergent gamma oscillations in diverse cell types. PNAS 102:18638-43. (Supplemental Information
  • Deleuze, C. and Huguenard, J.R. (2006) Distinct electrical and chemical connectivity maps in the thalamic reticular nucleus: potential roles in synchronization and sensation. J Neurosci 26:8633-8645.
  • Huguenard JR, McCormick DA (2007) Thalamic synchrony and dynamic regulation of global forebrain oscillations. Trends Neurosci. 30:350-6
  • Dulla,C. Tani, H. Okumoto, S., Frommer, W.B., Reimer, R.J. and Huguenard, J.R. (2008) Imaging of Glutamate in Brain Slices Using FRET Sensors, J. Neurosci. Methods, 168:306-19.