Joining the Center for Mind, Brain and Computation

Members of the Stanford community are invited to join MBC as affiliates or trainees.

Affiliates are members of the community who are interested in MBC's programs and activities, and are on the Center's mailing list. Trainees are graduate students in a PhD program at Stanford who pursue the MBC graduate training program. Students who are interested in becoming trainees should read the Graduate Training page and and Joining as a Trainee section below.

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Joining as an Affiliate

Affiliates are welcome to participate in all MBC events, and will be included on the MBC affiliates mailing list. Everyone in the Stanford community who wishes to participate in the program is encouraged to become an affiliate. Stanford faculty should sign up using the faculty affiliate link below.

Become a faculty affiliate

Become an affiliate

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Joining as a Graduate Trainee

Trainees are graduate students in a PhD program at Stanford who pursue a program of study and research that aims to enhance their ability to integrate computational/quantitative and experimental approaches to investigate the emergent functions of the brain. Interested graduate students should review the Graduate Training page for more information about the program before submitting their application.

All interested students must discuss their proposed training and research plans with their primary mentors before applying. Applications must include a letter of support from the primary mentor in order to be considered. All students who submit completed applications will meet with a member of the MBC graduate training program committee as a part of their application process. Meeting notifications will be emailed to applicants after the application submission period closes.

The deadline to apply to be a MBC graduate trainee beginning fall quarter of 2018 is June 25, 2018.

Apply to the MBC graduate training program

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Application Materials

Applicant Information

Demographic Information

MBC Training Plan

Primary Mentor Information

Secondary Mentor Information

Letter of reference

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Applying to a Stanford PhD Program?

The MBC graduate training program available to students who have already begun their PhD program at Stanford. Please follow the normal application procedures for the PhD program of your choice, and consider joining MBC as an affiliate. PhD students may apply for the MBC graduate training program beginning the summer after their first year at Stanford.

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