McGehee Group

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Solar Research at Stanford

Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium

Organic Solar Cells

Bao (CE), McGehee (MSE), Salleo (MSE), and Toney (SSRL)


Inorganic Thin Film Solar

CIGS and CZTS: Bent (CE) and Clemens (MSE)

Amorphous-Si: Cui (MSE)

Polycrystalline Si: Clemens (CE) and Salleo (MSE)

Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells

Karunadasa (Chem) and McGehee (MSE)

III-V Semiconductors for Multijunction Solar Cells

Harris (EE)


Cui (MSE)

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Bent (CE), McGehee (MSE), and Stack (Chem)

Nanowire Solar Cells

Harris (EE), McIntyre (MSE), Nishi (EE), Philip Wong (EE) and Zheng (ME)

Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission

Melosh (MSE) and Shen (AP)


Solar Thermal

Fan (EE)

Solar Fuels

Chidsey (CE), Chueh (MSE), Jaramillo (CE), McIntyre (MSE), and Melosh (MSE)

Advanced Optics for Absorbing More Light

Brongersma (MSE), Cui (MSE), Dionne (MSE), and Fan (EE)

Economics of PV

Reichelstein (GSB)

Environmental Impacts of Solar

Diffenbaugh (EESS), Field (Global Ecology), and Lobell (EESS)