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McIntyre Group

Paul McIntyre, Professor and Principal Investigator

Baylor Triplett, Consulting Professor

Ann Marshall, Facility Manager, FIB/TEM/SEM

Current Members

Rathnait Long
Rathnait was awarded a PhD in Microelectronic Engineering from Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland in 2010. Her thesis was titled: "Electronic and Structural Properties of the High-k/In0.53Ga0.47As System" and she continues to pursue her research interests which include chemical, structural, and electrical characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures.

Toru Ito
Toru is a visiting Scholar from Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc. who plans to study plasma treatment.

Kitano Masafumi
Masafumi is a visiting scholar from Fujikin Inc., Japan. He joined the McIntyre Group in 2012 to research atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes. His company has been developing a precise precursor delivery system based on a vapor pressure control method using the orifice to achieve reliable and reproductive ALD process with film quality improvement. His focus is improving the ALD process quality for high-k materials such as Al2O3 and TiO2 by controlling the amount of organic metal precursor and water vapor into the process chamber accurately.
Dmitry Zhernokletov
Dmitry was awarded a PhD in Physics from The University of Texas at Dallas in 2013. His dissertation is titled: "Surface and Interface Characterization of High-k Dielectric Materials on III-Sb Semiconductor Substrates" and he continues to pursue his research in surface science of semiconductors and correlation to transistor/capacitor and solar cell electrical behavior using in-situ deposition/analysis techniques.
Muhammad Adi Negara
Adi received his M.S. degree in Microelectronics and Microsystems (2004) from University of Twente, Netherlands and Ph.D. in Microelectronic Engineering (2009) from Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork, Ireland. He spent 3 years as a postdoc at IMEP-LAHC-MINATEC in Grenoble and Tyndall National Institute before joining the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. His research interests include chemical, structural, and electrical characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures.
Irene, Yanying Li
Irene is a PhD Candidate in Applied Physics. She obtained a B.S. from University of Science and Technology of China and joined the McIntyre group in 2009. Her current project involves understanding mechanisms of abnormal phenomena (like spontaneous kinking) in VLS Ge nanowire growth.
Liangliang Zhang
Liangliang is a third year PhD Student in Electrical Engineering whose reserch interests include fabrication, simulation, modeling, and characterization of nano-scaled devices. His study includes ALD high-k gate dielectrics for Ge-MOSFETs, Gate-metal selection for Ge-MOSCAP and MOSFETs, and monolayer-scale regrowth of GeO2 at ALD-Al2O3/Ge (100) interface with forming gas anneal.
Yashodhan Gogte
Yash recently completed his M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas. He studied ALD of thin-film multi-cation oxides and is currently an R&D Engineer focusing on system design for various ALD applications.
Andrew Scheuermann
Andrew is a second year PhD Candidate in Materials Science and Engineering with a B.S. in Chemistry and B.A. in Economics from the The University of Florida. His research interests span a variety of novel nanomaterials and their application to energy technology. As a graduate student, he is pursuing water splitting via nano-protected silicon photoanodes using ALD-deposited high-k dielectrics.
Olivia Hendricks
Olivia is a second year PhD Candidate in Chemistry. She obtained a B.A. in Chemistry from Wellesley College, and she joined both the McIntyre lab and the Chidsey lab (in Chemistry) in 2012. Her research uses atomic layer deposition to create alloyed TiO2-RuO2 catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction. In particular, she will focus on tailoring the molecular-level structure and composition of the electrode materials to achieve enhanced catalytic properties, enabling more efficient and effective use of noble metals for water oxidation.
Kechao Tang
Kechao is a second year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering with a B.S. from Peking University. His current research involves Atomic Layer Deposition of high-k gate dielectrics on III-V semiconductors. He is interested in improving the interface quality of MOSCAPs with surface treatment method, as well as using models and simulation for quantitative study of these semiconductor devices.
Eric Newton
Eric is a senior undergraduate at Stanford studying Materials Science and Engineering. His academic interests include various alternative energy applications of materials. His current research is on nano-structured anodes for use in a regenerative photo-electrochemical cell.

Davy Lu

Recent Alumni

Shruti Thombare

Jaesoo Ahn

Andy Lin
Andy investigated the atomic layer deposition of mixed conducting lanthanum strontium cobalt oxide, and wrote his PhD thesis on the morphological stability of mesoporous platinum electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells. He also obtained his M.S. in Management Science and Engineering, with a focus on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations. He now works for the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, and is based out of Los Angeles, CA .

Yi Wei (Vincent) Chen

Cynthia Ginestra

Shu Hu

Marika Gunji

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

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