The Mind, Culture, and Society Lab is a research lab located in the Department of Psychology at Stanford University, directed by Professors Hazel Rose Markus and Jennifer Eberhardt.

The lab explores the ways in which the sociocultural environment and its products shape psychological experience. More specifically, research in the MCS lab examines how race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and social class affect perception, attitudes, motivation, and behavior.

These psychological processes are examined across a wide variety of domains including education, law, business, and medicine.

Some undergraduates in our lab also complete the Mind, Culture, and Society specialization track in psychology, while others join us from different fields, such as: comparative studies in race and ethnicity, sociology, history, human biology, international relations, economics, and many more.


The MCS lab has a twofold mission. We strive to conduct and publish excellent, innovative research that has the potential to advance both scientific and lay understandings of race and culture. We also aim to make our lab a strong supportive, collaborative environment that helps undergraduates and co-terminal students develop extensive research skills and meaningful research relationships with faculty.

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