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Thank you for your interest in the Mind, Culture, and Society (MCS) lab. As a research assistant in the MCS lab, you will gain valuable research experience while exploring how race and culture shape psychological experience.

To hear more about past students’ experiences in the lab, take a look at this video here.

Research Assistant Activities

Research assistants provide very needed and valued assistance to the research process. As a research assistant, you will gain experience: 1) researching background information for a new or ongoing study, 2) designing and manipulating experimental stimuli for use in studies, 3) constructing and modifying various surveys and studies through the use of specialized computer programs, 4) running specific studies and debriefing participants, 5) recruiting and scheduling participants for various studies, 6) gathering, coding, or entering in data, and much more.

Research Assistant Requirements

Research assistants are required to work for a minimum of two consecutive quarters in the lab, and many RAs stay on throughout their time at Stanford (and may even pursue an Honors Thesis or Co-Term project with the lab). RAs work at least 6 hours a week, which corresponds to 2 units of research credit (please see following section, Receiving Course Credit or Payment, for more details). All RAs are also required to attend weekly MCS lab meetings.

Receiving Course Credit or Payment

Undergraduate Stanford students have the option of working in the lab for 2 or 3 units of research credit (Psych 183). 2 units are equivalent to working 6 hours a week; 3 units are equivalent to working 9 hours a week. We prefer that you enroll for 2 units, except in unusual circumstances. Stanford students who are eligible for federal work study could also be eligible to participate in the lab for payment. Please email for details. All non-Stanford research assistants work in the lab on a volunteer basis and therefore will not be paid.

How do I join the MCS lab?

The lab typically hires new research assistants at the beginning of each quarter. If you are interested in joining the MCS lab, please fill out our brief online application form before the beginning of each quarter. Applications are usually open about a week before each quarter begins. Please check the website for updates on deadlines and other application details. After receiving your application, we will contact you to set up an interview, which will most likely take place during the first week of classes each quarter.

The application for Spring Quarter, 2016 is now available and will be open until April 6, 2015. Please click here to fill out an application. Thank you for your interest!

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