Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

An amazing reference for anyone interested in the human musculo-skeletal system. Featuring five different ways to learn about the body: The VIEWER, 3-D LESSONS, two types of QUIZZES, and VIDEOS.

VIEWER: The viewer allows you to control a 3D view of the body, with labels that lead to full screen images of 120 muscles each with the name, action, origin, insertion, nerve supply and comments for each muscle. Also, there are 5 full screen views of the skeleton that cover over 100 bones and landmarks, with comments about each structure.

3D LESSONS: There are six 3D lessons, each lesson allows you to control a body area in 3-D space, with multiple stops along the way that identifying the structures and give comments on each area. Lessons cover the ankle, knee, pelvis, shoulder, face and a detailed look at the vertebrae.

QUIZZES: There are two quiz functions. 18 pages of label matching quizzes where you have to match a name to the correct location, plus a multiple choice quiz builder that allows you to test the name, action, origin or insertion for each muscle. Over 400 questions possible.

VIDEOS: Six imbedded videos (20 minutes) that give the basics of the muscular and skeletal system. These videos cover the arm, torso, face, leg, fascia and the nervous system.

You can also email which quizzes you have completed and your scores from the multiple choice quizzes to an instructor or friend.

If you want to experience the future of digital education, this app is a great example of combining beautiful imagery, knowledge and interactivity, utilizing the full power of the iPad.

This app is used at the THE UNIVERSITY OF OHIO in their digital learning classroom.


Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D
Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D
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Best used when studying MSK for USMLE Step 1


Not only did I find this site to be useful for anatomy, but I also found this app to be helpful when preparing for the USMLE Step 1. The overall site is a general introduction of MSK for some students and a review for others. I wouldn't spend a great deal of time on this site, but the quizzes make this site very useful for a subject often neglected.

Good app for anatomy


I am one of the teaching assistants for the anatomy courses Surg203A and Surg203B. I think that this app can be very useful for students who are visual learners. The viewer mode has a drop-down alphabetical list of 120 muscles and you can select a muscle to view its picture and its action, origin, insertion, nerve supply and comments. This feature is like Netter's flash cards where you can see picture of muscle on one side of the card and its information on the other side. You can also see different parts of the skeleton with labels on different bones and a full body view of major muscles with labels. In 3D lessons mode, there are modules on different parts of the body with labels and some information for each part. There are few videos that give a broad overview of the different parts of the body with functions and illustrations on how some important muscles perform their action. It can be very useful for those who remember action of muscles by actually viewing them in action! These videos are not comprehensive and are helpful just to get started.

There are two quiz modes. In first mode, you have to match labels for the muscles in a picture. This mode is very helpful for identification purpose. It would have been better if there was a link of the muscle action, origin, insertion and innervation directly from the quiz (just for a quick review). The second mode is multiple choice question type where you can test yourself on name, action, origin or insertion of muscles of different parts of the body. Unfortunately, the choices in each question are not well selected and it makes the questions very simple. Anyways, it could be used just to review things. Overall, the app is good and it could have been better if it had more information on each muscle and if there were more illustrative videos. I would recommend it.

Helpful for anatomy


I think this app has some good features that will be helpful for learning anatomy. I'll start with the good stuff and then talk about the bad.

- For med student purposes, this will give you a good overview of some of the major muscles and bones in the body. There is a 3D viewer that allows you to view the muscles and bones along with their labels. Additional, when you click on a particular muscle, there is a box on the side that indicates the action, origin, insertion, and nerve associated with that muscle. Also, the viewer allows you to look at the skeleton, but a 3D version of the skeleton is not included. Rather, you are directed to a full body skeletal image (both anterior and posterior skeleton images are available) that includes labels, which is somewhat helpful.
- Also in the viewer, there is a "List" option, so if you are looking for a particular muscle, you can click on it and an image of that muscle will show up in its anatomical location, along with a description (which includes action, origin, etc.)
- There is a pretty helpful quiz mode that tests your knowledge of particular parts of the body. I personally think this is pretty valuable.
- There are some videos included that focus on particular parts of the body.
- There is also a multiple choice quiz option that is pretty cool and helpful. It pulls up an image of a muscle and you have to choose what you are looking at. The images are good, and I think this can be helpful for learning.
- There are 3D lessons available for particular parts of the body, and rotating through it will provide you with 3d labeled images of both bone and muscle.
- In general, the content is very concise. It gets to the point, which can be really helpful if you're in a bind for time.

- I wish there was more content available.
- I think we might need to know the content more in depth for anatomy. So unfortunately this app may not be an replacement for textbooks :(
- Images in the viewer are not in HD, so image quality is not that great. In general, it would be nice if they used HD images. The software is still OK as is, but could be better.

Overall, I think this app is pretty valuable. Recommended!