The ME Graduate Women's Group has offered ME/E 311A, a 1-unit seminar series, every year since the group's inception in 1998.  Speakers are asked to address the factors, experiences, and lessons that have been particularly important to their success in industry, academia, and... life.

The winter 2014 seminar is here! Seminars are held every Thursday in 530-127, from 4.15pm till 5.05pm. Tea and cookies will be served from 4pm. A complete list of dates, speakers and affiliations can be found here: Winter 2014 Schedule. The theme is Daydreams to Realities

Archived Seminar Schedules


Winter 2013 Schedule: Winning Your Own Race


Winter 2012 Schedule: Choose Your Own Adventure


Winter 2011 Schedule: Letters to My Younger Self

Winter 2010 Schedule: Real Lives Have Curves


Winter 2009 Schedule: Where the Sidewalk Ends


Winter 2008 Schedule: Discovering your Inner Geek


Winter 2007 Schedule: My Life's Crossroads


Winter 2006 Schedule: Are We There Yet?


Winter 2005 Schedule: The Nine Lives of Nine Women


Winter 2004 Schedule: Choose Your Own Adventure


Winter 2003 Schedule: Strategic Choices and Serendipity


Winter 2002 Schedule: Life & Career Paths


Winter 2001 Schedule: Pioneering Women


Winter 2000 Schedule: Theory & Practice


Spring 1999 Schedule: Women's Perspectives II


Winter 1999 Schedule: Women's Perspectives I

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