MHWB Oversight Committee

Following the release of the Mental Health and Well-Being Task Force Report in October 2008, the Mental Health and Well-Being Oversight Committee was formed, responsible for prioritizing all of the Task Force recommendations and for overseeing the implementation of these actions.

To learn more about the MHWB Oversight Committee and it's work to promote mental health and well-being at Stanford University, please click on the following links.


List of current members of the MHWB Oversight Committee as well as past MHWB Task Force members. The principle work groups designated to address specific priorities within the MHWB Report recommendations are also listed.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting agendas for all MHWB Oversight Committee meetings throughout the year, including principle speakers and discussion topics.


Discussion topics on student mental health and well-being with dates of discussion and current progress.


List of the principle recommendations made in the MHWB Task Force Report and the current progress being made on each.