This research was supported by a supplement to NIH grant AI35969.

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the MolEpi Group which supplement the report in Science:

Behr MA, Wilson MA, Gill WP, Salamon H, Schoolnik GK, Rane S, Small PM.
       Comparative Genomics of BCG Vaccines by Whole-Genome DNA
       Microarray. Science 1999 May 28; 284
Please reference this report and cite "supplemental data at" for any data from these web pages.
  • a list of the 16 deleted regions found among BCG vaccine strains and their sizes

  • a list of the open reading frames found to be deleted from BCG vaccines, as referenced in Table 1, with links to further information on the deleted sequences and gene annotations

  • ProbeBrowser software with the BCG-Denmark microarray results file and a database of annotations for Mycobacterium tuberculosis open reading frames

  • BCG-Denmark microarray results file alone: comma separated fields are orf identifier, channel one value (H37Rv), channel one background, channel two value (BCG-Denmark), channel two background, probe start genomic address, probe end genomic address

  • Click here to download a database of primers for each RV#. (2004 note: These are from an older experiment and may no longer be valid.)
  • Resources:

    View the header from the embl file used in creating the H37Rv microarray.

    We used custom scripts to run primer3 (version 3.03, from the Whitehead Institute) in designing primer pairs for open reading frames documented in the sequence file from the Sanger Center.

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