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Indentification and Cure of side effects of Isoniazide & Rifamipicin
Sundip <>
New Delhi, Delhi India - Wed Jan 10 09:04:24 2001
send me information regarding my thesis topic that is: immunodiagnosis of intrathoracic tb in children by elisa for igg antibodies.
dr ps varma <>
gulbarga, karnataka india - Mon Jan 1 16:00:39 2001
Dear Sir, I am an experienced researcher on Applied Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Technology. Is it possible to apply for a postdoc position in your group to do the genetic research of environmental microbiology? In last year, I just got a Ph.D. in Microbiology in Shandong University. During recent two years, I am mainly looking for special microbes for organic desulfurization and denitrification. I have got about more than 20 bacteria desulfurizing DBT, benzothiophene, nonbenzo-thiophene, alkylated benzothiophene and methyl-benzothiophene and methyl-DBT with 4S pathways or other pathways. One of the bacteria is thermophilic (under 45-60 centridegrees)to desulfurizing petroleum very well. I am also screening the solvent tolerant strain. I am trying to study on the genomic genes and oxido-reductases of the interesting bacteria. I would also join in your group on Environmental Research to contribute my experience on the enviroment. John P. XU, Ph.D. The State Key Lab of Microbial Technolgy Shandong Universtiy Jinan 250100, PR China Email:, 2000/12/31
John Ping XU <>
Jinan, Shandong PR China - Sun Dec 31 11:58:46 2000
My research interests are human tuberculosis, bovine tuberculosis, siderophores of mycobacteria and pcr diagnosis of mycobacteria
Mallikarjuna reddy.M <>
Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh India - Thu Dec 21 15:46:45 2000
Hi! I am yasir. I am intersted to do some thing for T.B patients, thats why I am keenly interested to my Doc in this research. I have done Mphil(biotechnology).I have experienced all the molecular biology techniques,PCR diagnostics, sequencing,Southern, Northern and westren analysis.Gel documentation and cloning.
yasir-ul-Musawar <>
faisalabad, punjab Pakistan - Tue Dec 19 16:52:52 2000
Sarcoidosis mycobacterial DNA Gen Probe
Ahmet <>
Izmir, Turkey - Sun Dec 10 21:42:49 2000
working as general manager in a bulk drug manufacturing company. products being manufactured are RIFAMPICIN, ETHAMBUTOL,PYRACINAMIDE,ISONIACIN HYDRAZIDE,. would be interested in new molucules based on anti TB drugs. qualified as M.Sc (research) PhD (by research).looking for assistanceship in development of new molucules.25 years of industrial experience in product identification, development in lab , scaling up to pilot plant and finally to the production stage. waiting for early reply.
mumbai, maharashtrs india - Fri Dec 8 16:13:09 2000
working as a professional librarian in an engineering college. looking for some projects in field of library and information science.qualified masters degree in library and information science.would like to takeup some research projects with academic structures. waiting for the early reply.
MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA india - Thu Dec 7 15:43:43 2000
working as a professional librarian in an engineering college. looking for some projects in field of library and information science.qualified masters degree in library and information science.would like to takeup some research projects with academic structures. waiting for the early reply.
MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA india - Thu Dec 7 15:42:38 2000
I am Head of Laboratory of Molecular Biology, St.Petersburg Pasteur Institute. I will be happy to be on you mail list. We are providing research in molecular epidemiology of TB by fingerprinting (IS6110-RFLP, spoligotyping and RLBH for searching for the nutations to drug resistance etc.). We have a computer data bank derived by GelCompar including more than 70 RFLPs and many spoligotypes of Russian strains. I am interested to make contacts in the same field with any interested researcher. Olga Narvskaya
Olga Narvskaya <>
St.Petersburg, Russia - Mon Dec 4 10:09:27 2000
I am trying to locate the final records of my grandmother who suppose -dly died of Tuberculosis in 1940, somewhere in Northern Illinois. Probably in Adams County, Illinois. I don't know where to look for her records. Her name was Jennie Sue Cookson, nee Bushman, born in 1883.
Joseph A. Braun <>
Farmington, Missouri USA - Sun Dec 3 22:53:56 2000
TUBERCULOSIS DIAGNOSIS, tuberculosis serology, epidemiology
WARSAW, POLAND - Fri Dec 1 15:08:10 2000
i have just submitted my thesis. i am interested in the field of tuberculosis immunology especially in the CMI response induce by proteins of M.tuberculosis. and how the macrophages of the contacts of tb patients process antigens differently. i would like information of labs working on this aspect. i amm also interested in proteomic analysis of such proteins which elicited a protective immune rseponse in contacts as compared to the pateints
shobhita johari <>
delhi, delhi India - Thu Nov 30 07:36:52 2000
Available schollarships for foreign students in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Irland, Scotland, and all Southern America.
Ekaterina Belotsvetova <>
Moscow, Russia - Tue Nov 21 21:09:29 2000
Schollarships for foreign students in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Irland, Scotland, and all Southern America.
Ekaterina Belotsvetova <>
Moscow, Russia - Tue Nov 21 21:07:53 2000
Curriculum Vitae Dear Sir/Madam, In reference to the position, I would like to be considered for this position and have provided a CV and a brief list of the techniques I have used during the course of my research. 1- Personal details, TITLE Holding PhD degree in Molecular Microbiology From U.K NAME JAMSHID SURNAME RAHEB DATE OF BIRTH 17 / 3 /1962 PERMANENT ADDRESS 19, Saviz, Ghiasvand, Dampezeshki, (Contact address) Tehran 13416, IRAN WORKE ADDRESS National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, P. O. Box: 14155-6343 Tehran, IRAN TEL (HOME) (0098) 21 6039344 (Dr Jamshid Raheb) TEL (WORKE) (0098) 21 6413626 (Dr Jamshid Raheb) FAX (0098) 21 6419834 E-MAIL HEALTH no disability ENGLISH LANGUAGE Speaking fluently Listening fluently Reading fluently Writing fluently NATIVE LANGUAGE Azeri & Persian 2- Higher education, Subject Degree From To University Country Molecular PhD 1994 1998 The University U.K. ENGLAND Microbiology of Warwick Bacteriology Ms.C 1987 1991 Tarbiat Modarres IRAN University Microbiology Bs.C 1983 1987 Tehran University IRAN 3-Ph.D thesis For many years physiological, morphological and particularly molecular studies on gliding bacteria were impossible due to the lack of a suitable technique for the genetic manipulation of this group of bacteria including Flexibacter chinensis. Our study has focused on the physiological and morphological changes in molecular level in this organism during the transition from the exponential to stationary phase of growth, and during long -term stress condition. Our data demonstrate that there is a dramatic change in respiration activity and enzymes during the stationary phase which can not be seen in the exponential phase. Parallel to this bacterial morphology changes with a particularly noticeable size reduction in this usually filamentous bacterium. With the collaboration of Wisconsin University in USA we have developed a method for the molecular study of this group of bacteria. We have constructed two mutants for the genes which produce two novel sigma factors, KatF(sS) and RpoH(s32), and have investigated the effect of these mutants with respect to cell size changes during the transition from growth to starvation conditions and under heat stress. The mutants were unable to change from the filamentous to coccoidal form and consequently were unable to survive stress as effectively as the parental strain which could undergo morphological changes. Our data have demonstrated the importance of cell division in Flexibacter chinensis for the survival of this bacterium under stress conditions. 4- Research work. The Microbial sulfur-specific transformation which selectively desulfurize organic sulfur compounds in fossil fuels, has been identified. We have cloned a 4kb gene locus from Rhodococcus erytheropolis IGTS8 (4S pathway) on a broad host range plasmid with integration ability in chromosome of gram negative bacteria. This organized as one operon with three genes (dszA, dszB and dszC)under the control of single promoter. The dsz gene has been cloned under control of tac promoter in different pseudomonas solvent tolerant species. We have applied an industrial microorganism , with the ability in biological desulfurization. In this way, using molecular and microbiological techniques we successfully constructed a manipulated bacterium with two relevant industrial application, that is biosurfactant production and desulfurization of fossil fuel. Further researches is in progress to find out the influence of the biosurfactants on DBT desulfurization. This is the new alternatives to commercialize the biodesulfurization of crude oil processes. 5- Work experiences I have at least four years experiences in laboratory work in microbiology and molecular microbiology in full time basis. I have learnt many techniques in this time including molecular cloning, DNA sequencing, southern hybridisation, northern hybridisation, two dimentional gel electrophoresis, DNA separation techniques, DNA cloning methods using different vectors including several suicide and other vectors, general microbiology and relevant computer skills. 6- Skills I have had more than four years laboratory experience and have used various techniques involved in the detection, isolation and manipulation of nucleic acids and feel that I could make a significant contribution to your program. I have made contributions to the field of molecular biology of bacteria, due to working with a particularly difficult bacterial strain, Flexibacter, to manipulate using conventional molecular biology techniques. I have learned many techniques in Warwick University in United Kingdom and National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, including molecular cloning, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, southern hybridization, northern hybridization, western blots, DNA separation techniques, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, general microbiology, DNA library, Over-expression of proteins, and computer skills. 7-Resarch interests. Molecular Biology and Microbiology Research. 8- Publication and record Currently three works for publication on the molecular biology and physiology of Flexibacter are being prepared for publication. 9- Referees 1- Dr S Mahmoud A Najafi ( Ph.D, Assistant Professor). National Research Centre for Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 14155-6343 Tehran-IRAN. Tel 00 98-21-4316643. Fax 00 98- 21-6419834 Email 2- Dr Seyed A Ghorashi ( Ph.D, Assistant Professor). National Research Centre for Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 14155-6343 Tehran-IRAN. Tel 00 98-21-7891692. Fax 00 98- 21-7891692 Email 3- Dr Alireza Zomorodipoor ( Ph.D, Assistant Professor). National Research Centre for Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 14155-6343 Tehran-IRAN. Tel 00 98-21-4429018. Fax 00 98- 21-6419834 Email 4- Dr Bagher Yakhchali ( Ph.D, Assistant Professor). National Research Centre for Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 14155-6343 Tehran-IRAN. Tel 00 98-21-3347512. Fax 00 98- 21-6419834 Email 10- Hobbies Sports, music, cinema, and arts.
Dr Jamshid Raheb <>
Tehran, Tehran IRAN - Fri Nov 10 13:00:05 2000
SOS FROM CHINA! My mother was burned by pulmonary tuberculosis, which was controlled goodly for some time. Unfortunetely, the illness rebaddened recently, the tuberculosis ball has formed, said by the doctor, but there is not effective medicine in China that can enter into the tuberculosis ball to kill the bacteria. The only choice it operation, but it may bring some danger to the patient. I am here to ask for a favor that whether there are some effective medicine in US. Your assistance and advice is appreciated.
Yong Luo <>
Chongqing, China - Wed Nov 8 23:11:50 2000
I would appreciate any information about collaboration in the field of BCG phylogeny and comparative genomic studies of BCG Vaccines. Thank you in advance!
Tzvetelina Stefanova <>
Sofia, Bulgaria - Tue Oct 31 07:57:34 2000
I'm a market analyst. My interest is to keep informed of the latest medical research on TB.
Ms. Homa Christensen <>
Valencia, CA U.S.A. - Mon Oct 30 22:36:39 2000
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Nar CHo <>
With only 2 people, This One Jamaica - Mon Oct 16 23:12:52 2000
Information on Mycobacteria Fortuitum
Nancy Wagoner
Watsonville, CA US - Sun Oct 15 19:57:47 2000
i am a fresh post-graduate , done my M.Sc.(microbiology). i am interested in doing research in my field & especially medical or applied please , do contact me at my e-mail if you have any information. At present i'm working with a reputed pharmaceutical co. in my own city as a sr. future plans are to go for research.
ahmedabad, gujarat india - Sun Oct 15 13:47:20 2000
information on Muti-drug resistant Tuberculosis.(Especially India,and to be more specific Karnataka,India)
vidya <>
- Sun Oct 15 01:45:15 2000
I am interested in speaking with anyone who has information about the former Mt. Kipp sanitorium located in Glen Gardner, New Jersey. I am writing a research paper on the institution and how its role has changed.
Karin Gruss <>
- Sat Oct 14 21:37:43 2000
Film research: writer needs accounts of patients, doctors, nurses, admin. workers associated with tb sanitoriums in 1940s-50s. Also those involved with tb screening of US public schools. Many thanks,
patricia roberts <>
toronto, ontario canada - Wed Oct 11 15:45:55 2000
Interested in it 2 much !
savita chauhan <>
Indore, MP INDIA - Tue Oct 10 17:42:14 2000
My department is advising the Swiss government on various international health issues. A recent topic of concern and interest is the tuberculosis in penitentiary centers in countries of the former Eastern Block and possibilities to control it. Nicolaus Lorenz MD, MSc Head of Department Swiss Tropical Institute Swiss Centre for International Health Socinstrasse 57 P.O. Box CH-4002 Basel/Switzerland Tel. +41 61 284 8 125 Fax + 41 61 271 86 54
Dr. Nicolaus Lorenz <>
Basel, Switzerland - Wed Oct 4 12:23:00 2000
My theory is proven correct. One of my relatives complained of back pain. We thought maybe it was muscle strain. We went to the doctor for a check up. After the check up she was given a medicine which is for TB. Aha! So I asked my relative. Have you been lacking sleep. She said yes. She said she was working a lot. Could not get much sleep because of a lot of worries. She does get enough rest and sleep she says. But there is a difference between a genuine rest and sleep and just closing your eyes and pretending to be asleep. When you worry don't do it while you are resting. Start worrying once you wake up. When you rest, just free your mind of worries. And just concentrate on sleeping. They said she was coughing and her back really hurts.She even skipped one day of work because of it. So I told her that her lungs are strained. And that she should let it expand. I told her about the "Ulcer Theory". And the next day she was working already. Had I not told her about the "Ulcer Theory" she would be in a hospital coughing blood already. And now she's fine.
Norman Greg <>
CA U.S.A. - Wed Sep 27 23:20:04 2000
Hello everybody, I shall highly appreciate if you send me detailed information on PCR based diagnosis of TB and MDR-TB.I shall be happy to receive the details about the PCR protocols, primer designs and information regarding detection kits and their reference. Thank you
Dr Nilanjan Das <>
Calcutta, West Bengal India - Wed Sep 27 18:47:45 2000
I have been working in the medical research center in Russia (Novosibirsk State medical University).We are developing the project about dependence with hypertermia (temperature increase) and pulmonary tuberculosis. I would highly appreciate if somebody could provide me the information about it.(do you have an experience to treat a people with this type of treatment, what kind of results were achieved) Or may be you know where can i find this information. I hope that there is the possibility of fruitful cooperation.
Elena <>
Novosibirsk, RU Russia - Sat Sep 16 13:44:28 2000
I am presently researching on the history and statistics of tuberculosis. Hope you'll help me to accomlish this research through giving addresss that are relevant to my research. Thanks
bernard <>
manila, philippines - Wed Sep 13 02:18:44 2000
Mycobacterium bovis ADN isolation in milk. PCR
Cristian Leiva <>
Santa Fe, Santa Fe Argentina - Fri Sep 8 21:07:03 2000
Tsigeweini Asgedom <>
Bergen, Bergen Norway - Fri Sep 8 13:46:20 2000
Seeking for Co-operation and Support -----a specific remedy for tuberculosis Now, a specific tuberculosis remedy, which belongs to Traditional Chinese Medicine has been discovered. It's named " Jiupin Baoling Pellet". According to the results of observation from more than 1,000 cases, this remedy has outstanding result in treating pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis of lymph nodes and bone tuberculosis. The curative rate may reach over 85%. This completely natural remedy is adapted to pharmacopeia compatibility clo9sely. The intranasal usage enables the effectiveconstituents exchange with qi and blood in lungs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, tuberculosis is caused by infection of " certain worm ". People are attacked by this worm at the state of deficiency of vital- qi and blood. Pulmonary tuberculosis occurred when the worm existed in lungs. If the worm reached bone marrow from the blood circulation, bone tuberculosis and tuberculosis of lymph node would form. Among the constituents of this pellet, secretio bufonis has the functions of detoxification, analgesis, inducing insuscitationa and treating the toxifying disease with poisonous agents: Unbelliferae can promote blood circulation to stop pain and tonify the blood. If the course lasted too long, this chronic disease may demage qi and blood, even cause stagnancy of qi and blood stasis. Deficiency of qi may prevent the folw of blood, and deficiency of blood may do harm to channedl and collaterals. The symptoms of blood stasis and stagnation of qi can be relieved by the use of umbelliferae in the remedy. Another component --- horner nest can be used for eliminating wind and toxic material, stopping pain and even killing the worm. Because of the cause of disease mentioned above, the use of hornet nest can achieve expected results. With the rich clinical practice and hard research, the use of the components is efficient, and the results are satisfied. According to outside body experience, the tuberculomyces which have drug resistance to anti- tuberculosis drugs are sensitive to the remedy. In clinical use obvilus results of treatment have been achieved especially for the patients with long lasting tuberculosis. All right reserved by ZhaoDong. Any co-operations in research, development, investment and sale are welcome.
ZhaoDong <>
- Fri Sep 8 13:08:53 2000
i'm reserching for the case of ashtma it's a disease that can kill and no one has found a cure for it yet i have ben reserchen about it for over 18 years and still have not found the closes to it i have the disease my self and believe me i have allmost died of it alot of times i would like to find something that is close to it so i my self can have a good life to just like other people too. so if any one out there can give me some pointers i would sped it where everyone will know that you have gave me infor. and you will be in that book that i write about this killer disease and god will thatnk you too. i know i would; thank you again; ms. june;;
june lopez <>
houston, tex. 77020 usa - Fri Sep 1 17:26:32 2000
Dine in or take out?
Shang-hai Chef <>
- Tue Aug 29 08:11:09 2000
lady doctors are invited to have sex with andhra doctor
suresh <>
- Thu Aug 17 19:23:09 2000
Hi there!. I would like to know about tuberculosis diagnosis and antigen immunogenicity evaluation, collaboration programs between institutions and MSc and PhD schollarships.
Jorge Luis Gonzalez Quintana <>
Havana, Cuba - Thu Aug 17 18:45:44 2000
Deteriorating liver.
Tom Crowley <>
Shelby Twerp, MI USA - Wed Aug 16 04:56:44 2000
i am originally from bangladesh.i, haque, doing ph.d in microbiology from dhaka university.i have strong interest in doing reseach in microbiology.for that iwantjoin in ph.d programme in usa.are there any scholorship or assistanceship for me.pleasesend me the response as soon as possible. nazmul haque <>
dhaka, bangladesh bangladesh - Sun Aug 13 06:45:50 2000
I am interested in the application of bioinformatics on studying the virulence genes of M. tuberculosis. My mailing address: School of Graduate Studies Mapua Institute of Technology Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines
Bonifacio T. Doma,Jr. <>
- Sat Aug 12 16:20:14 2000
Jango <>
- Fri Aug 11 10:49:52 2000
am a respiratory therapist..i have a case study report this tuesday about pleural effusion and pulmonary edema and am having a hard time finding patient data,history etc.. please HELP! JAE RRT
jae <>
manila, manila phillipnes - Sat Aug 5 06:27:36 2000
I have a sister who is a doctor, in her practice with patients with Tuberculosis she got the Pott´s disease; I want to known a Medical Center in the Conus of U.S. which can help us to treat her as aid for foreign patient with this disease; any help is welcome.
Enrique A. Posada <>
N.Cuscatlan, La Libertad El Salavdor - Tue Aug 1 04:32:09 2000
I am doing research in production and quatitative techniques in india and Looking for any additional scholarships/sponserships by organisations to carry out studies.If U know any of the organisations pls inform me.Thanks
jha T.K <>
Ahmedabad, Gujrat india - Mon Jul 31 18:41:34 2000
I am doing research in production and quatitative techniques in india and Looking for any additional scholarships/sponserships by organisations to carry out studies.If U know any of the organisations pls inform me.Thanks
jha T.K <tarun_kumar_jha>
ahmedabad, gujrat india - Mon Jul 31 18:36:07 2000
genome project is my intrest,reply if any contacts.thank you!
gokul <>
mysore, karnataka india - Thu Jul 27 16:00:56 2000
Great Site! <>
- Wed Jul 26 22:15:19 2000
AFLP/cDNA AFLP, mycobacterial functional genomics
Dr Niyaz Ahmed <>
Hyderabad, AP India - Tue Jul 25 12:25:11 2000
Dear Sir, I am director of PPD providing in IRAN.I would be very pleased if I be in your mailling list and have an opportunity to take higher education. Bye. With Best Wishes. Dr. Nader Mosavari
Nader Mosavari <>
Karaj, Tehran Iran - Tue Jul 25 06:41:07 2000
I am a medical graduate,presently working as a medical officer in a Govt. hospital in Pakistan.I have also done post graduate training in Tuberculosis.Iwant to do post graduate diploma/ degree in EPIDIMIOLOGY from Australia.Iwill be thankful if any body can guide me about this.I am also interested in any information regarding financial assistance/scholarships offered by the Australian universities/institutions.I have IMMIGRATION VISA for Australia.
Dr.Shazia Shaukat <>
Karachi, Sindh Pakistan - Mon Jul 24 13:31:51 2000
analyzing, designing, installment and teaching of the analog circuit and the digital circuit; Digital imaging processing£¬pattern recognition for developing the software in C, assemble language
Bao Susu <>
Guangzhou, Guangdong P.R.China - Mon Jul 24 13:24:09 2000
Healthy nutrition is important also.
Ryan Mills
- Mon Jul 17 07:16:44 2000
As I have read in one web page as a result of my web search. I can only wonder why it would need a person to spend eight hours a day for six months or 24 hours a day for 2 months before he or she gets infected with TB. I call it duplicating habits. It's when u acquire a persons habits. "TB is an ulcer". An ulcer of the lungs. If u think u have TB, get plenty of rest and sleep. And relax ur body. The less movement the better. Until you recover. "Getting enough rest and sleep expands the lungs". Preventing it from shrinking or tightening up due to fatigue or lack of sleep. Shrinking or tightening up of the lungs could cause one to spew blood. It's like twisting a wet towelette. Let ur lungs expand. Don't stress ur lungs out.
Mark Polido <>
Manila, Philippines - Wed Jul 12 08:38:47 2000
I'm looking for a current phylogenetic tree of Mycobacteria, as complete as possible, as well as a bit of information on each species- whether or not it is free-living, and whether or not it has any horizontal gene transfer. Any leads would be most appreciated. Thanks.
Hunter Fraser <>
- Tue Jul 11 17:56:22 2000
Please check also my message on the message board. And don't forget to e-mail me. Thanks.
Ryan Mills <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sun Jul 9 08:14:17 2000
Good air ventilation, a quiet surrounding and plenty of rest and sleep could cure TB. Pressures of day to day life, not getting enough sleep and getting up early in the morning combined with an over fatigued and tired body could lead to TB. Our lungs like our muscles could get over worked. To the point that it's grinding itself. That it wants to spew blood. Children who lack sleep because of the pressures of school could get TB. That is why the virue can't be cured by madicine. Because it is not a virus and you don't need medicine to cure it. Maybe a drug or medicine to make the patient calm and relaxed to have plenty of rest and sleep might help. E-mail me and let me know if I have a point or not. The name I use is not my real name. Thanks
Ryan Mills <>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Sun Jul 9 08:00:17 2000
Fixed dose combinations of antitubercular drugs, Bioequivalence of FDCs
Pavankumar M. Sancheti <>
Chandigarh, Punjab India - Fri Jul 7 13:45:21 2000
In my research, I try to indentify the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis species by using phage-mediated antibody library technology. At this moment, I got trouble to coat M.TB( fixed by Formalin) to the ployabsorb ELISA plates. When I got M.TB. samples from my patron, the cells clamped together very tightly and the sonication was useless to the clamps. Expert said that the glass surface was better that plastics. Can I get some information about people do ELISA with M.TB.? Thank you!
Kezhi Dai <>
Hull, East Yorkshire U.K. - Wed Jul 5 11:00:08 2000
I am looking for accounts/stories from people who spent time in tb sanitariums during the 1940 and early 1950's. Any ideas on where to look?
Julie Greer <>
- Thu Jun 29 02:12:51 2000
What is the % composition of mycobacteria in the environment? Is it essential to obtain LICENCE for working in TB BACILLI ? Working in ecology of MYCOBACTERIUM in aquaculture ponds. chandrika senior scientist,CMFRI, COCHIN INDIA
DR .V. Chandrika <>
Cochin ,682014, Kerala INDIA - Tue Jun 20 18:53:54 2000
I need information about History of Tuberculosisi in India . Web addresses will be helpful.
Dr. Irene Churruca <>
Barcelona , Barcelona Spain - Tue Jun 20 14:17:13 2000
hi! i am reshma. i am studing in mithibai collage. i am in 2nd year of microbiology. i want to do genetic. actually, i don't know that it is possible after TYBsc or after postgraduation. please tell me university in maharastra, other requirements for genetics. please help me .
reshma <>
bombay, maharastra india - Thu Jun 15 15:48:47 2000
I'm doing a paper on Tuberculosis, the history and how it began the "1health century" at the beginning of the 21st century. If you have any information regarding any of these please send it to me.
Rebecca <>
New Hampshire United States - Wed Jun 14 17:39:54 2000
I'm doing a paper on Tuberculosis being the beginning of the health century, any information I can get would be very helpful.
Rebecca <>
Wilton, New Hampshire United States - Wed Jun 14 17:31:57 2000
i am doing a paper on Tuberculosis especially in the bones and articulations. Any information would be helpful
alex s. <>
Cali, Valle del Cauca Colombia - Tue Jun 6 22:27:00 2000
i am doing a paper on Tuberculosis especially in the bones and articulations. Any information would be helpful
alex s.
Cali, Valle del Cauca Colombia - Tue Jun 6 22:26:35 2000
I am a student at UCLA and I was infected with TB about a year ago. I am now trying to do a reseach paper on TB and I would really appreciate it if you could send me some information about how TB started, what it is , and how to prevent and cure it.
Meital Amir <OOgigi>
santa monica , California - Sat May 20 17:47:52 2000
Mycobacteria culture and sensitivity
- Sat May 20 14:08:48 2000
DNA microarrays in TB research, Proteomics in TB research, Malaria Research.
Susmith Mukund <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India - Fri May 19 17:37:22 2000
As an internist I am interested in the incidence of atypical mycobacterium as the causal agent of multiorgan extrapulmonary manifestation such peripheral lymphadenitis or pleural effusion, which is difficult to differentiate from mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. I hope some of you could share your experience on using current method to diagnose it such as molecular analysis (PCR and sequensing) or immunologic method. Thank you.
Zul Dahlan <>
Bandung, Indonesia - Wed May 17 03:42:19 2000
As an internist I am interested in the report of atypical mycobacterium as the causal agent for extrapulmonary manifestation such as peripheral lymphadenitis or pleural effusion, which is difficult to differentiate from mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. I hope some of you can share your experience on how to diagnose in by current method such as molecular analysis or immunologic method. Thanks.
Zuldahlan <>
Bandung, Indonesia - Wed May 17 03:29:34 2000
Hey can you please send some names of some hospitals that help only in the healing of TB, I need a list of hospitals for my Health class. Thank you very much, if you can email me back by April 27th. luv to all.
Holly <Rbros@sigecom.NET>
Evansville, Indiana USA - Thu Apr 27 04:04:50 2000
Just passing through...very interesting site - I'll be back. Best wishes, Sheila
Digital-Price - Furniture
Boston, MA United States - Tue Apr 25 18:45:59 2000
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Protector 1uno <>
Gospic, Li Croatia - Thu Apr 20 07:35:12 2000
I would like to be on your mailing list. I am head of TB Research,BLUE PETER RESEARCH CENTER,Cherlapally,Hyd,501 301,A.P.,INDIA. My areas of research are Drug Resistance in M.tuberculosis,By culture and molecular techniques.
Dr.Suhail Naser. <>
HYDERABAD, A.P. INDIA. - Sat Apr 15 07:06:15 2000
I have just got into my internship(S.N.Medical College,agra).please send me information regarding miliary tuberculosis.
Nupur Pruthi <>
agra, U.P INDIA - Fri Apr 14 09:21:15 2000
I am originally from Turkey and very much interested to do any kind of research related with tbc. I am an M.D. and prefer clinical or epidemiological researches.
Sukran Timbil <>
Athens, GA USA - Mon Apr 10 22:20:33 2000
diagnosis multidrug resistence fingerprintings
Maria Noel Cortinas <>
Montevideo, Uruguay - Mon Apr 10 21:12:18 2000
Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Imipenem and Ceftazidime(solvent,diluent,storage,...), MIC(minimum inhibitory concentration) ,
M. A. Rezai <>
Tehran, Tehran Iran - Mon Apr 10 09:02:03 2000
A recent breakout, this week, of TB has just happened in our community Jr. High. With a possible infection of 200 - 250 kids I want to know in laymen's terms what TB is about, how it starts, it's infectious rate, symptoms and incubation periods. This is a prime concern in our community right now. Has a lot of parents scared, their children are being tested by school. Is this typically a good thing to test so many students in such a short amount of time? Are the tests effective and what treatments are available in the US? Thank you.
Mrs.Melanie Davis <>
Hillsboro , OR USA - Tue Mar 28 08:34:17 2000
I have been looking for information on my paper due this Tuesday... This webpage was a great place to look for info. I am a 6th grade student and Science is a great intrest of mine. Thanks alot this webpage helped so much
Clay Dallas <>
Dallas, Texas USA - Thu Mar 23 02:10:18 2000
I'm looking for a sanitorium in Franklin County or somewhere around there called "Savilisville Sanitorium" in the 1940's. Of course, it has been closed down for years. I'm loking for ANY information what so ever. Thanks, Vicki G.
Vicki Gladfelter <>
- Tue Mar 21 14:37:40 2000
send me addresses of women's/girls of South Delhi(India) based who are interested having sex at any time. Thanks, Jassi
Arvind Jassi <>
New Delhi(South), Delhi India - Wed Mar 15 08:30:48 2000
send me addresses of women's/girls who are interested having sex at any time. Thanks, Jassi
Arvind Jassi <>
New Delhi(South), Delhi India - Wed Mar 15 08:29:16 2000
I am highly interested on the research been done on M. bovis. Molecular biology, gene expression adn diagnosis.
ana maria zarraga <>
valdivia, chile - Tue Mar 14 01:11:26 2000
Please send me info on tb asap, thanks.
scotty mcdonald <>
lincoln, NE USA - Tue Mar 14 00:17:29 2000
please place me on the mailing list, thanks.
Todd Weisse <>
New York, NY USA - Thu Mar 9 18:49:13 2000
Mycabacteria-macrophage interaction Signal Transduction Dormancy in mycobacteria
Sadhana Majumdar <>
Houston, Texas USA - Mon Mar 6 19:39:27 2000
Can some one please tell me of a good web site where i can find out about Teberculosis. I am from Scotland and a family member of my boy friend here has it. PLease suggest a web site for me! Thank you
Clara <>
Amsterdam, Netherlands Holland - Wed Feb 23 12:35:35 2000
Yeah! Tuberculosis is fucking cool! Yeah! Yeah!
Elan Gerzon <>
california, usa globe - Mon Feb 14 18:32:09 2000
I'm a high school student doing some reasearch on antibiotic resistance for my senior Bio class. Any suggestions?
Andi G <>
- Fri Feb 11 22:26:51 2000
Hi, biological research has always been of great interest to me. I am especially interested in how bilogical pathogens effect cultural patterns. I have a B.A. from Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y) in theAnthropological Sciences... I am currently pursuing a second B.A. in Biology...Please contact me if you have any research availability in the New York City area. Thank You, Ian C. Lord
Ian C Lord <>
Queens, NY US - Sun Feb 6 01:11:25 2000
clinical aspects
sandeep saluja <>
new delhi, DELHI india - Sat Feb 5 23:46:10 2000
I'm a graduate of B.S. Medical Technology of Far Eastern Unversity-NRMF, working at De La Salle Medical Center HSC-A. King Research Center-TB Reseach Laboratory Level II. I'm a Tubercologist, my work is purely concentrated on TB identification, culture and sensitivity, and we are working out procedures in preventing the spread of it.PTB is not a JOKE!.
Eric Matthew S. J. Dela Cruz, B.S.MT, RMT <>
Imus, Cavite Philippines - Fri Feb 4 10:31:47 2000
A research about serum A.D.Alevel in pulmonary T.B.If you have iny interest or idea please contact.
TEHRAN, IRAN - Wed Feb 2 22:06:17 2000
vaccines against tuberculosis, improved Mycobacterium bovis BCG, Salmonella spp. as recombinant antigen delivery device
Juergen Hess <>
Berlin, Germany - Tue Feb 1 13:09:39 2000
I am a highschool student interested in holistic medical research and development for a future profession and I am looking for any suggestions to any colleges dealing with this field, Suggestions??
Lindsey Nero <>
Mt.Holly, NJ USA - Fri Jan 28 21:27:35 2000
I'm a graduate student and would like to obtain new full text articles on Mycobacteriophage.
Wendell O. Junia <>
Manila, Philippines - Fri Jan 28 11:08:47 2000
Email me with info about Tuberculosis.
Shauna <>
Texas USA - Tue Jan 25 22:31:58 2000
I'm a Medical Resident and I'm making a paper on the Incidence of Lung Ca in patients presenting as PTB. I've seen a # of patients who have been treated as PTB but on biopsy or pleural fluid studies showed CA.
Joseph E. Poblacion, MD <>
Cebu City, Philippines - Sun Jan 9 06:18:54 2000
We are interested in molecular characterization and drug sensitivity of Mtb strains. Also, serodiagnosis of infection by Mtb is of our interest.
Angel Gustavo GUEVARA PhD <>
Quito, Pichincha Ecuador - Wed Dec 22 16:05:23 1999
TB.Microbiology $ Epidemiology
Mir.Mohammad Ziaei <>
Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Iran - Mon Dec 13 19:54:18 1999
HIV-TB, cytokines in TB, controlled clinical trials in tuberculosis
Soumya Swaminathan <>
Chennai, Tamilnadu India - Sun Dec 12 16:30:30 1999
effects on body, treatments, symptoms
Rachel Wilford <>
Millsboro, DE USA - Tue Dec 7 22:59:35 1999
effects on body, treatments, symptoms
Rachel Wilford <>
Millsboro, DE USA - Tue Dec 7 22:59:21 1999
effects on body treatments symptoms
Rachel Wilford <>
Millsboro, DE USA - Tue Dec 7 22:58:06 1999
Too big of words. I don't understand it. Please use smaller words, or maybe hyperlinks to the definations of big words. Thank you. tammi
Tammy <>
Bremerton, WA USA - Sat Nov 27 21:44:55 1999
I am a student completely fascinated with molecular biology and genetics. I have performed research on transgenic mice in embryonic develpoment at the EIB/NCI/NIH, the most incredible experience I have gained yet. My interests mainly include the following: the human genome research project, cancer research, and anything affiliated with genetics.
Leana Movsessian <>
Germantown, Maryland USA - Mon Nov 22 20:26:03 1999
I am a student completely fascinated with molecular biology and genetics. I have performed research on transgenic mice to decode all genes coding for embryonic develpoment and the EIB/NCI/NIH. My interests mainly include the following: the human genome research project, cancer research, and anything affiliated with genetics.
Leana Movsessian <>
Germantown, Maryland USA - Mon Nov 22 20:25:06 1999
Genetics, Molecular biology, research in cancer cells, human genome project, etc
Leana Movsessian <>
Germantown, Marylan USA - Mon Nov 22 20:22:18 1999
I'm italian. I'm going to finish my PhD at the end of 1999. The subject of my thesis is: Tuberculosis in human fetal brain: microglia infection with M. tuberculosis and different strains of M. avium. I studied mycobacterial effects on microglia cell cultures (cytokines expression and production, chemokines expression) I'm looking for a post-doc in California to study tuberculosis. I have a strong background in immunocytochemistry, human fetal neurons cell cultures. If you have any ongoing projects in this area please contact me.
Monica Curto <>
- Mon Nov 1 08:14:14 1999
I am a Masters student (history) at San Diego State researching the social effects of Tuberculosis in Mexico and the border region. Any help is appreciated.
Christine Moore <>
Oceanside, Ca USA - Thu Oct 28 16:08:46 1999
i am carrying my research studies at masters level in computer assisted molecular main topic is tuberculosis and isoniazed..i will be thankful to any of my friend who give information to me.
khawaja sohail qamar <>
penang, penang malaysia - Tue Oct 26 01:36:56 1999
i am carrying my research studies at masters level in computer assisted molecular main topic is tuberculosis and isoniazed..
khawaja sohail qamar <>
penang, penang malaysia - Tue Oct 26 01:25:17 1999
Elisa in diagnosis of primary tuberculosis in children Sero Diagnosis of primary tuberculosis in Children using 38KDA and 16 KDA Pathozyme TB complex in diagnosis of tuberculosis in children
Fred Castro <>
Makati, Philippines - Sun Oct 24 14:02:20 1999
Databases Statistics Data Mining Meta Data Epidemiology Geography
Don Van Dyke <>
Raleigh, NC USA - Wed Oct 20 18:08:50 1999
Another TB positive person. Have been told never, repeat never, to get another TB test again. As far as I know, I have no symptoms. Have been positive for 30+ years. Just sharing this with you.
Agnes Truske <>
Albuquerque , NM USA - Wed Oct 13 19:54:00 1999
I am doing a cell projest on Tuberculosis
Rebecca Galloway <>
Sanford, North Carolina Lee - Mon Oct 11 21:55:21 1999
secreted proteins from M.tb for vaccination
mao huaxong <>
Guangzhou, Guangdong china - Sun Oct 10 08:05:13 1999
I am a Medical doctor with a Master's degree in Biostatistics. I'm interested in current research on multidrug resistance and current evaluation of the DOTS programme.
Dr Alexander Quarshie <>
- Thu Oct 7 22:39:44 1999
I am a Medica doctor with a Master's degree in Biostatistics. I'm interested in current research on multidrug resistance and current evaluation of the DOTS programme.
Dr Alexander Quarshie <>
- Thu Oct 7 22:38:43 1999
I am doing this for a science extra credit project.
Connie Gillaspie <>
Midland, SD USA - Wed Oct 6 13:35:13 1999
I am a student conducting research on the controlling of TB. Although I have only begun my research, I will be conducting and submitting information regarding the testing of a particular drug and its derivatives. Any information about TB research is greatly appreciated as I am just getting started.
Amber Garcia <>
Bethany, WV USA - Tue Oct 5 00:32:22 1999
I hold Ph.D. degree in Vet.Public Hlth from U.K. I am an assiss.Prof. at dep. Microbiol., Col. Vet. Med. Baghdad previousely, now am looking for a job in Jordan. I used to supervise many M.Sc. and Ph.D. research projects and I worked on many types of Bacteria, mainly Campylobacter, Salmonella, Moraxella, S.aureus, Streptococci ( esp. Enterococci), Pasteurella, E.coli, Klebsiella and I was always interested to work on T.B. because it is widely distributed in our country and in many other countries, and more important, my wife was suffering from bone T.B. and is being treated since February 1999, until and her condition improved quite well on an intensive course of INH-Ethambutol-Rifampicin. I used to work in a private human clinical lab. and I was extremely efficient in preparing acid-fast smears and I did some improvements on the routine methods under use by most laboratories. I shall be very glad to keep in continuous touch with you. Thank you.
Dr. Amir S. Rahim Al-Obaidi <>
Amman none, none Jordan - Sun Oct 3 17:29:59 1999
I am a pulmonary physician working in the Centre for Tuberculosis &Chest Diseases since 1990.I hold two diplomas in Tubercular &Chest Diseases from Pakistan.My spheres of interest are MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE IN TB,SERODIAGNOSIS OF TB AND REVIEWING THE EFFICACY OF BCG VACCINE.Iam particularly distressed at the re emergence of this great killer disease and needs a global effort to combat this trend.Iwould be indebted if I am in anyway able to contribute towards the research in TB.Iwelcome anyone with similiar concern to get in touch with me.
MAKKAH, SAUDI ARABIA - Sun Oct 3 10:24:22 1999
I am a pulmonary physician working in the Centre for Tuberculosis &Chest Diseases since 1990.I hold two diplomas in Tubercular &Chest Diseases from Pakistan.My spheres of interest are MULTIDRUG RESISTANCE IN TB,SERODIAGNOSIS OF TB AND REVIEWING THE EFFICACY OF BCG VACCINE.Iam particularly distressed at the re emergence of this great killer disease and needs a global effort to combat this trend.Iwould be indebted if I am in anyway able to contribute towards the research in TB.Iwelcome anyone with similiar cocern to get in touch with me.
MAKKAH, SAUDI ARABIA - Sun Oct 3 10:19:04 1999
What is tuberculosis.
Lori Palmer <>
Doswell, VA USA - Fri Oct 1 13:20:42 1999
Jill Mengel <>
Lancaster, PA Lancaster - Thu Sep 30 01:24:08 1999
know someone with tb
Melissa <>
Pa 17011 - Wed Sep 29 22:44:39 1999
Sanatoria in Davos, Switzerland, c. 1930-1945; the work of Dr Gustav Maurer
William Lee <>
Vancouver, Washington USA - Wed Sep 22 06:28:49 1999
I would like if I can receive some posters I can use for Health education.
Boubker Naouri <>
Kissimmee, Fl USA - Fri Sep 17 19:15:57 1999
mycobacteria, membrane proteins, detergent soluble and water soluble ones, molecular biology
Anjana Gupta <>
New Delhi India - Fri Sep 17 04:17:48 1999
Mycobacteria, BCG , membrane proteins, detergent soluble ones, molecular biology
Anjana Gupta <>
new delhi india - Thu Sep 16 04:25:41 1999
iam doing my MS in Computer Science.and iam very much interested in Medicine.
naveenkota <>
MORGANTOWN, WV USA - Thu Sep 9 13:38:40 1999
- Mon Aug 30 19:11:37 1999
Dear sir, Here I attached a personal resume to apply for a post doctor research in new drug research and development.I hope you will read it carefully and reply me. your sincerely, Jie Yang
JIe Yang <>
kunming, yunnan P. R. China - Mon Jul 26 02:38:13 PDT 1999
I am a graduate student working on " Synthesis of cell wall fragments of Mycobacterium tuberculosis" at National Chemical Laboratory, PUNE. I would appreciate any information regarding the synthesis of cell wall fragments or developement of new drugs based on the inhibition of arabinan biosynthesis. My contact addresss: Srinivas Hotha, Senior Research Fellow, Organic Chemistry:Technology, Pune - 411 008, India;
Srinivas <>
PUNE, Maharashtra INDIA - Fri Jul 23 08:13:13 PDT 1999
Drugs Resistance.
Guillermo A. Paredes <>
Martinez, CA USA - Tue Jul 20 21:30:12 PDT 1999
Interest: Social History of Tuberculosis in Australia; specifics re people who came to colonial Australia 'for their health', i,.e. the cure for 'consumption'.
Lois Baglin <>
East Brighton, Victoria Australia - Mon Jul 19 22:08:36 PDT 1999
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis
Anna Marie G. Pato <>
Cebu, Cebu Philippines - Fri Jul 16 06:19:17 PDT 1999
I'm a surgical resident and is interested in the management of extrapul- monary tuberculosis, since we still have a high incidence of tb in our country we still see and treat patients with extrapulmonary tb.
Jose Roy Z. Gregorio, M.D. <>
Quezon City, Philippines - Sat Jul 3 01:00:28 PDT 1999
I have a bachelor's degree (honors) in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and will be studying infectious diseases as a graduate student. I would like to volunteer either in clinical or laboratory environments - I have experience in both areas. Please contact me if you would like assistance and are located in the SF area.
Kiersten Israel-Ballard <>
Santa Cruz, CA USA - Tue Jun 29 21:28:37 PDT 1999
I want to volunteer in your research project. I am a medical doctor and already had one year clinical experience (internship in Internal medicine at New York Hospital ).Want to volunteer while waiting for residency.I hope to hear from you soon.
Roeliza Ebbah-Pascua <>
San Jose, California - Tue Jun 29 09:58:07 PDT 1999
Tuberculosis and Patient's Compliance/Treatment Partners (DOTS)
Davao, Philippines - Tue Jun 15 03:32:34 PDT 1999
Spatial epidemiology of TB
Phil Atkinson <>
London, UK - Tue Jun 8 09:10:42 PDT 1999
Bovine TB, molecular epidemiology, RFLP, spoligotyping, PFGE, VNTR, AFLP, virulence, transmissibility, stability, genomics, direct detection, PCR
Robin Skuce <>
Belfast, Northern Ireland - Tue Jun 8 06:42:57 PDT 1999
tuberculosis diagnosis, prevention, treatment We will be interested to know whether a case where M.tb. has been isolated twice on two different days by Bactec and confirmed by use of TMA of Gene Probe should be treated or not. General consesus is not people who are infected as the above case should not be treated. Why. Are they not in danger to themselved in future ? How does one get extrapulmonary tuberculosis such as renal, bone or meningitis, or lymphadenitis. Are these infected people also dangerous to other. Would appreciate to form and be part of discussion group on this type of matter. I am new web learner and would appreciate reply by e-mail.
Dr.Suresh Amin <>
Baroda, Gujarat India - Sun Jun 6 19:02:22 PDT 1999
RFC and ELISA in Paratuberculosis
Dr. Valeriu Crangus <>
Bucharest, Romania - Thu Jun 3 07:01:57 PDT 1999
I am interested to conduct an evaluation study on the TB Program of our local government. Are there available research literature in this area?
Dr. Jocelyn C. Kintanar, <>
Cebu, Cebu Philippines - Mon May 31 05:56:10 PDT 1999
I am researching the effects and damage caused by bacterial infections following surgical procedures within major hospitals. I am interested in hearing from anyone who following infection has tested positive for Tuberculosis, Mycomplasma, Toxomplasma, Luekemia, Cytomegolivirus. My research interest is in particular to women who have had caesarian section.
Liani Simpson <>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Thu May 20 21:07:49 PDT 1999
I'm a graphic designer and i've been assigned a project to create a stamp collection related to Tuberculosis and its history. I need all the visual information i can get about subjects, people linked to this disease and pictures of the bacteria itself. Websites with good pictures related with TB will help very much. This work will help ANTDR (Associacao Nacional de Tuberculose e Doencas Respiratorias) in its fight against this plague. Any help i could get would be very important. Thanks in advance.
Antonio Manuel Silva <>
Lisbon, Portugal - Thu May 20 13:31:50 PDT 1999
DNA based methods for diagnosis of tubersulosis and molecular epidemiology. Interested in collaborations.
Dr Madhu Goyal <>
Hatfield, U.K - Mon May 17 06:13:41 PDT 1999
I'm doing a science report on tuberculosis and I really, Really,REALLY need pictures of the tuberculosis microbe. Katrina
Katrina Howe <>
Fairbanks, AK USA - Fri Apr 30 13:22:55 PDT 1999
I am currently conducting some research on the increasing occurance of antibiotic immunity of TB and would appreciate any info. that could be given. Thank you.
Matt Nelson <>
Tacoma, WA USA - Tue Apr 20 23:28:50 PDT 1999
interested in vaccine development for tuberculosis. by using molecular techniques and bacteriophage.
M.S.Ranjith mehendarkar <>
chennai, tamil nadu india - Fri Apr 9 10:46:26 PDT 1999
i am a post graduate student doing my thesis work on mycodot LAM test efficacy in diagnosing TB cases,please send me any information regading this
s satish madhav <>
visakhapatnam, andhrapradesh india - Fri Apr 9 00:13:07 PDT 1999
Gene expression regulation in stationary-phase of bacterial growth cycle. Molecular mechanism underlying to adaptive mutation process in stationary-phase. Molecular mechanism of antibiotic resistance.
José María Gómez Gómez <>
Madrid, Madrid Spain - Mon Mar 29 10:49:06 PST 1999
Vibrio cholerae, Population Genetics, Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis, Bacterial Diversity.
Diego Riaño <>
Santafé de Bogotá D. C., Cundinamarca Colombia - Sun Mar 28 18:58:55 PST 1999
TB and STDs in Migrant Farmworkers.
David Much, Ph.D. <>
- Tue Mar 23 14:30:24 PST 1999
I am a Ph.D in applied Biology with specialisation in Immunodiagnosis of tuberculosis. I am at present looking for a postdoc position in any of the following fields-- Mol.Biology/ Immunology.
Dr Mythili Kameswaran <>
Mumbai, Maharastra INDIA - Tue Mar 23 00:44:38 PST 1999
Multidrug resistant tuberculosis Tuberculosis in AIDS patients Effect of Tb prophylaxis in drug-resistant isolates
José Luis Fuentes Allen <>
Mexico, D.F. MEXICO - Sun Mar 21 17:21:24 PST 1999
I would like to know more about the diagnostic aspect of tb. especiallly the modern methods. Is there any association for tuberculosis?
Elizabeth Anne Scicluna <>
Malta - Sat Mar 20 12:38:44 PST 1999
Hi, We would like to inform you that our Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) website has changed its homepage address from Http:// to Http:// but our Email address remains the same as Please update or help to link our new webpage address to your site. Thank you. Regards SATA
Henry <>
- Fri Mar 12 19:50:17 PST 1999
Susceptibility of man to bovine tuberculosis - Koch stated, most medical men believed the intestins would suffer first. "I myself," he wrote, "have seen primary tuberculosis of the intestines only twice. Charity Hospital in Berline, only ten cases in five years. Primary TB of intestine w/o lungs and bronchia never occured, in 933 cases. Biedart found only 16 cases in 3104 postmortems on tubercuar children. So how then can we accunt for the inter-transmissibility of human and bovine tuberculosis?" (Koch) The solution? The very tiny dark particles within each of the diseased cells are actually plasmids. They are far too small to be clearly identified with an ordinary microscope. Note also, plasmids are the microorganisms that transfer genes between various stains of bacteria. it is not only tuberculosis that produces plasmids. The same microorganism(s) also transfer genes, DNA, or drug resistant modlues between drug resistant bacteria. Hence, the very dark, tiny particles within each cancer cell, turn out to be the same thing - plasmids. The plasmid transfers into a weakened cell, and it resets the genes. Some plasmid are self-transferable. All are self replicating. Hence, this well-hidden genetic altering mechanism is what produces tuberculosis, as well as all kinds of cancers and tumors. Onces the new gene(s) are transplanted, the newly completed genetic material functions completely FROM INSIDE THE IMMUNE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM OF THE HOST. Hence, this explains the subtle inheritance patterns found in many disease, such as TB, MS, MD, Diabetes, Leprosy - and any of these, as well as cancers and tumors are only PSEUDO-GENETIC in the orgin. Would you agree with these statements, or not? Please let me know.
Bruce D McKay, Bio Epistemologist <>
Tampa, FL USA - Fri Mar 5 00:23:09 PST 1999
Studying Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. Interested in tuberculosis virulence factors, antibiotic resistance mechanisms, cell wall components, identification/location of these genes(plasmid?).
Jason Azat <>
Santa Barbara, CA USA - Sat Feb 27 22:52:39 PST 1999
I am conducting a study on the toxic elements in hair analysis of both patients diagnosed with TB and family members that don't have the disease. I need information or research done on the effects or lack of of nutrients and toxic elements in TB. I work in Hospital Santa Clara, the most important hospital for TB in South America and we are in great need for help and support.
John E. Bastidas M.D. <>
Bogotá, Colombia - Fri Feb 12 04:16:37 PST 1999
I am a PhD student and my research involves in vitro screening of antimycobacterial (both sensitive and MDR strains) activity by South African medicinal plants. Any relevant information in this respect will be greatly appreciated.
Namrita Lall <>
Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa - Thu Feb 11 00:09:20 PST 1999
I have an interesting case on tuberculosis of gall bladder. I need some references regarding the tuberculosis of Gall Bladder
Dr. O. P. Sudrania <>
Siliguri, West Bengal India - Wed Feb 10 03:28:40 PST 1999
I'm doing and investigation about tuberculosis, Immunology, Genetics, diagnostic in LCR I would like to have some information about this, if you please by able to send me these information
victor Minera <>
Guatemala, Guatemala Guatemala - Tue Feb 9 10:16:03 PST 1999
radiology tuberculosis diagnostic
Olga Malyscheva <>
Moscow, mo Russia - Sun Feb 7 23:59:28 PST 1999
Olga Malyscheva <>
moscow, mo RF - Sun Feb 7 07:33:12 PST 1999
I am the student of medicine faculty of Cerrahpaþa and 1 year left to be a doctor.I just want to learn more about every patience and especially about tuberculosis because of the fact that tuberculosis is a very important patience in my country.
Ozan Karatað <>
Ýstanbul, Türkiye - Sat Feb 6 08:00:34 PST 1999
Me: TB epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (but applying to medical school, hoping to be able to go back to California!). In the meantime, my research interests include TB and gender, particularly gender-based differences in the delivery of TB care (a common problem in the developing world), among other things...
Suzanne K. Scheele <>
Geneva, Switzerland - Tue Feb 2 07:00:02 PST 1999
Ihave a 5 month old patient with tuberculous meningitis&cavitary lesions.How frequent we see cavitary tuberculosis in children?
Soner Sarmasýk <>
Istanbul, Turkiye - Wed Jan 27 11:51:43 PST 1999
Doing some research work related to tuberculosis, Immunology, Genetics
MengZhang <>
Beijing, PRChina - Tue Jan 26 03:14:00 PST 1999
Looking for more info about the guidelines on testing positive on the Manatoux test when the BCG was given over 22 years ago.
Shelagh Taylor <>
Great Lakes, IL USA - Fri Jan 22 07:28:41 PST 1999
I am a doctor specializing in the spheres of immunology, allergies, infectious diseases, pediatrics, gastro-intestinology, endocrinology and also cancer diseases in the recent past. In 1985 I started to develop this method of diagnosis for different diseases, the foundation being in immunological reactions, registered with the help of the immuno-bio-chemo-luminescence naturally present in the body, and stimulated in the acidic agent hydrogen peroxide. With the use of standard methods of testing as a control I compared them for many years with this method of analysis and it has proved extremely accurate.
Yakuba Nataliya <>
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Thu Jan 21 02:43:01 PST 1999
Any research findings on TB in immigrants to developing countries. Are they responsible for transmission to the indeginous peoples or is the reverse true?
Kenneth <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Mon Jan 18 15:07:02 PST 1999
Any research findings on TB in immigrants in developing countries. Are they responsible for transmission to the indeginous peoples or is the reverse true?
Kenneth <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Mon Jan 18 15:05:23 PST 1999
I want to know about multiresistant tuberculosis, any information or link will be useful. Thank
Katherine Hernandez <>
Lima, Lima Perú - Mon Jan 18 14:51:49 PST 1999
Research on Active TB in adults who have had no sympotoms, negative skin tests and negative chest Xrays negative smears, but does have positive culture of liquid from a washing of the lungs due to a broncochope as result of a chronic non-productive cough for years..
Kay <>
Dalton, GA USA - Sun Jan 10 22:54:04 PST 1999
Genetics, MHC, T cell receptors, thymic education.
MADURAI, Tamil Nadu INDIA - Thu Jan 7 07:54:56 PST 1999
Tuberculosis in children and adolescent, profilaxis, epidemiology, treatment.
Datchev <>
Rousse, Bulgaria - Wed Jan 6 14:12:51 PST 1999
Portable TB Isolation Systems For Healthcare and other needs eliminates most respirator use
Ted Arts <>
Buffalo, NY USA - Wed Jan 6 06:48:34 PST 1999
We want to express several recombinant proteins from M.tuberculosis. Where can we get the corrseponding DNA or cDNA?
Werner Schmitz <>
Wuerzburg, Germany - Tue Dec 15 01:36:05 PST 1998
I am a school nurse, our District TB policy was to conduct mass PPD skin testing on the 7th grade students. I have found a 30% conversion rate with a 2nd PPD test, in those students that had only redness (no induration) with the 1st PPD test. I would be interested in any research or information regarding the signifecance of redness only reaction to a PPD skin test and its correlation to TB infection in this or any age group. please contact me at thank you L. Lee RN,BSN
Lynn Lee <>
Brownsville, Texas USA - Thu Nov 26 19:02:35 PST 1998
I am a 3 rd year Bsc student and my final year project is a kit review of Gen Probe MTB kit. I am intrested to hear from any one else who has used this kit so that we can share useful information or anyone who can provide useful links. THANKS
Latham Yates <>
Weymouth , Dorset England - Wed Nov 25 10:28:05 PST 1998
I am in my final year (BSc hons applied biological sciences), my final project involves Heminested inverse PCR for rapid identification of M.tb strains. I would be grateful for any information or links to information you can provide. Thanks
Elaine Connor <>
Manchester, England - Wed Nov 25 07:10:19 PST 1998
I am a medical Doctor.Iwas a researcher in my country(Epidemiology of TB and execution of DOT's).I got to canada recently and I'd like to continue epidemiological study of TB here too. Would you please introduce me organizations or research centers of TB anywhere in Canada.Thank you.
Nooshin Ahmadi pour <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Thu Nov 19 20:21:00 PST 1998
são paulo, são paulo brazil - Tue Nov 17 12:41:31 PST 1998
Tuberculosis,Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy,treatment of TB
delhi, delhi india - Sat Nov 7 01:06:06 PST 1998
Was there any Clinincal trials done in using morhine or heroin in treating Tuberculous or any lung diseases?
Helena Bonner <>
coleraine, N.Ireland - Thu Nov 5 04:39:52 PST 1998
I am interested in all aspects related to molecular drug resistant mechanisms employed by TB.
Eric T. Y. Leung <>
- Wed Nov 4 21:58:54 PST 1998
I am interested in any reported case dealing with Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection leading to Interstitial lung disease or pulmonary fibrosis or any new treatment modalities for tuberculosis infection or disease.
Emilina Montero-Luz <>
Manila , Philippines - Mon Nov 2 21:47:43 PST 1998
I need information about resistance to Tuberculosis in Perú
HENRI PEREA <henriperea@hotmail>
AREQUIPA, AREQUIPA PERU - Sun Nov 1 21:00:11 PST 1998
I am interested in research about susceptibility genetic and TB or others topics about Molecular Genetic in this disease
Paula Andrea Granda Carvajal <>
Medellín, Antioquia Colombia - Wed Oct 14 14:42:59 PDT 1998
I'd really apreciate if anyone could send me any file rellated with tuberculosis treatment. Chemical aspects of the drugs, farmacology, etc. Any kind of information would be usefull. Thanks!
Julian Catalan <>
Blumenau, SC Brasil - Tue Oct 13 15:52:29 PDT 1998
Please include infor regarding epidimiology of TB within the Asian population in America.
Christine Nguyen <>
san jose, california U.S.A - Tue Oct 13 12:54:44 PDT 1998
I'm a biologist working at the hygiene institut in Morocco I'm unteresting in huomoral response to mycobateium tuberculosis,SDS PAGE.
Rabat, Morocco - Fri Oct 9 08:57:21 PDT 1998
Please forward all information/latest research papers on TUBERCULOSIS regarding D.O.T. [direct observation treatment].
Khalid <>
Karachi, Karachi Pakistan - Tue Oct 6 07:54:09 PDT 1998
Interest in PCR of gene probe. The local distributer claims that we can do sensitivity by PCR. Is it true ?
Dr Suresh Amin <>
Baroda, Gujarat india - Sun Oct 4 17:09:13 PDT 1998
slide culture of M.tuberculosis
Dr.N.Selvakumar <>
Chennai 600 031, TamilNadu India - Fri Oct 2 19:19:32 PDT 1998
Diagnosis of tuberculosis, Culture methods Bactec, PCR , Nontubercular mycobacteria , their pathogenicity, treatment if any. Envirommental mycobacteria, Rifampin resistant gene band in MTb.
Dr Suresh Amin <>
Baroda, Gujarat India - Wed Sep 23 08:21:07 PDT 1998
Adenocarcinoma Plueral effusion in females Treatment available in India
Monali Jain <>
Mumbai, Maharashtra India - Mon Sep 21 05:46:32 PDT 1998
So nice a site. I would like to continue studying on TB. I am looking for some hard workers to do research. The world is my country. It does not matter to me where to work. Waiting for you!
Babak Shokouhi <>
Tehran, Iran - Sat Sep 19 14:24:56 PDT 1998
I'm a medicine student from Brasil and I need some information in order to apply in my research :epidemiology of pleural tuberculosis and diagnosis statistics of ADA and citological analysis of pleural effusion.
Juliana Ferreira de Oliva <>
Santos, São Paulo Brasil - Wed Sep 16 10:54:20 PDT 1998
New Diagnostic techniques for Tuberculosis
Anjul Shrivastava <>
Bangalore, Karnataka India - Wed Aug 19 09:31:34 PDT 1998
I am a 5th year medicine student in Colombia. The incidence of TBC is very high down here since this is a third world nation. I am planning on doing my thesis about the efficiency of the ADA (Adenosine Deaminase) test in patients with pleural effusion due to TBC. I would be interested in any information or previous studies that have been done about this theme. My mailing address is: Federico Castellanos Arango Calle 80 No. 55-22 Apto. 7A Barranquilla, COLOMBIA I am very thankful for all the information you can provide me.
Federico castellanos Arango <>
Barranquilla, Atlantico Colombia - Thu Aug 13 20:24:52 PDT 1998
Dear colleagues I am very interesting to develop relations with researchers and organisations involved in study of immunology and genetics of tuberculosis. I am representing the group of azerbaijanian scientists from the Institute of Lung Diseases and TB. We are also very interesting in investigation of efficacy of BCG vaccination and new forms of prevention of tuberculosis. We'll appreciate any interest and suggestions to us. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Professor Alexandr UMNYASHKIN <>
Baku, Azerbaijan - Wed Aug 12 01:23:57 PDT 1998
epidemiology of tuberculosis in Volgograd Russia multiple drug resistance in Volgograd Russia sexually transmitted infections in Volgograd Russia public health or population programs for tuberculosis control in Russia therapy for tuberculosis in Russia
Jim Wohlleb <>
Little Rock, AR USA - Thu Aug 6 03:45:15 PDT 1998
In February of this year, my 6-year-old son was diagnosed with TB meningitis. This in turn caused hydrocephalus, which caused several strokes to his mid- brain. We were told he had 1 week--1 month to live. If by some chance he did live he would be a vegetable. Right now he is at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and is learning how to talk and walk all over again. What I'm looking for is statistics on the survival of children who have been diagnosed with this disease and the possibility of more strokes (what are the odds of him having more). I would also like to know if there is a chance for him to recover completely. Please e-mail to me any information on TB Meningitis so I can know what would be reasonable expectations for me to have. Thank you for your time and efforts.
Holly M. Gimenez <>
Muncie, IN USA - Fri Jul 31 12:35:56 PDT 1998
I am interested in information on the spread of TB in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Thank you. genise ghee
Genise O. Ghee <>
- Wed Jul 29 06:10:11 PDT 1998
Iam a professor of Biochemistry of the school of medicine, our proyect is is RFLP of multiresistant strain of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis here in the valley of Mexicali the incidence of tb is around 49 per 100,000 we have around 650 new cases of tb per year reported by the Helth department the number or multiresistant strains (2 or more antifimic drugs) is almost 30%. Multidrug resistant strain,RFLP,IS6110,Inmunological response anti-tb DNA probes
Acosta-Valle Hector <>
Mexicali, Baja California Mexico - Mon Jul 27 13:53:09 PDT 1998
kindly send me updates on pott's disease (journals, etc..) thru e-mail. i will highly appreciate it if you could send it by tuesday next week because i have a case presentation re: pott's disease on friday, thanks in advance. more power! dr. abner m. hornedo department of pediatrics de los santos medical center quezon city, philippines
abner m. hornedo, m.d. <>
quezon city, philippines - Fri Jul 24 21:37:32 PDT 1998
What kind of fish are in the picture of Peter Small? Did he really catch them?? How many are there?? What did they weigh??
- Sun Jul 19 07:15:16 PDT 1998
I would appreciate any information about all forms of TB throughout history in New York state especially sanitoriums>Thank-you
Rebecca Guthrie <>
- Wed Jul 1 20:56:10 PDT 1998
Clinical Tuberculosis, Chapman and Hall London, 1998. Why is the AIDS conference in Geneva not telling the world that the commonest cause of death in AIDS patients is tuberculosis?
Peter Davies <>
Liverpool, UK - Mon Jun 29 04:01:49 PDT 1998
I am in need of information about TB to be used as a teaching tool for children and parents in a pediatric hospital in Boston
Ed Gilbert <>
Evertt , MA. U.S.A. - Wed Jun 24 16:34:26 PDT 1998
Rapid mycobacterial identification by PCR-Restriction Enzme Analysis (hsp65 gene) How to make it more practical for use in heavy burden clinical laboratories?
O. Kaya Koksalan <>
Istanbul, Turkey - Mon Jun 22 11:35:22 PDT 1998
MDR tuberculosis,molecular methods of rapid identification of drug resistance,molecular mechanisms drug resistance
Edward Generozov <>
Moscow, Moscow Russian Federation - Fri Jun 19 04:47:14 PDT 1998
Medical Air Technology Corporation provides leading edge Air Purification systems for hospital, correctional and long term care facilities. We work closely with infection control personnel,facility management,safety officers, engineers and architects to provide individually designed rooms that are GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED in writing to meet or exceed all present CDC guidelines and OSHA regulations. For more information on TUBERCULOSIS / AIRBORNE INFECTION CONTROL for the 21st century visit our website Thank you
Jeff Olarte <>
mission viejo, ca usa - Thu May 28 09:32:11 PDT 1998
Medical Air Technology Corporation provides leading edge Air Purification systems for hospital, correctional and long term care facilities. We work closely with infection control personnel,facility management,safety officers, engineers and architects to provide individually designed rooms that are GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED in writing to meet or exceed all present CDC guidelines and OSHA regulations. For more information on TUBERCULOSIS / AIRBORNE INFECTION CONTROL for the 21st century visit our website Thank you
Jeff Olarte <>
mission viejo, ca usa - Thu May 28 09:26:03 PDT 1998
I am a student of medice at the UIA in Costa Rica, I am working about multidrug resistant tuberculosis and management. I would appreciate any input in this matter.
Andres Obando Valverde <>
Cartago, Costa Rica - Mon May 25 23:03:46 PDT 1998
I am working at mycobacterial laboratory which is a top national referral center for the country. We examined about 100 samples per day, almost one third of them got MDR. I would like to share the data and learn more from TB experts in Stanford as well as other institute in USA
Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama SpP(K) DTM&H DTCE <>
Jakarta, Jakarta Indonesia - Wed May 20 07:11:27 PDT 1998
Differentiate between MOTT and M.TB in extra pulmonary specimens. regards, Bela Oza
Bela Oza <>
Vadadora, Gujarat India - Tue May 19 19:49:25 PDT 1998
diagnostic mycobacteriology; molecular typing of MTB; drug resistance surveillance programmes; epidemiology of atypical mycobacterioses; Mycobacterium haemophilum
David Dawson <>
Brisbane, Queensland Australia - Tue May 19 15:25:27 PDT 1998
Multidrug resistant tuberculosis,surveillance and management
Tulay Torun <>
Istanbul, Turkey - Tue May 19 14:32:37 PDT 1998
Mycobacterium Avian Intracellular Complex, Pan Sinisitus, Pneumonia > 3 + Fx. Ribs < coughing since 10/97 -- 4/15/98. Associated with Herpes Simplex I and systemic yeast--infections recently diagnosed--Possible Occupational Exposure ?? HIV possible. Pet dog uthanized & checked for above. Mother & friend also spent time w/ me checked for TB. What experience or info do you have on this subject ? Thank You,
J. Stutts <>
White Plains, NY USA - Sun May 10 14:34:43 PDT 1998
I am working at Mycobacterial Laboratory which is also a WHO Collaborating Center in Jakarta - Indonesia and a national top referral laboratory for our 200 million people country. We examined about 100 TB samples every day, mostly using conventional method. I would like to share our result and learn more about TB from the expert in UK and other European countries.
Dr Tjandra Y Aditama SpP(K) DTM&H DTCE <>
Jakarta, Jakarta Indonesia - Fri May 8 23:15:05 PDT 1998
I am a graduate student working on " Novel immunodominant antigens of BCG-Tuberculosis complex " interested molecular mechanisms granuloma formation, mycobacterial virulence and impaired macrophage function. other interest include Rheumatoid arthriris, Stroke and cancer. Dr Vinayak D Kanade, Dept of Microbiology and Cell Biology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, Karnataka State, INDIA.
Dr Vinayak D Kanade <>
Bangalore , Karnataka INDIA - Sun May 3 09:57:15 PDT 1998
tb anything
Jeff Bauer <>
New york, New york U.S.A - Fri May 1 18:18:36 PDT 1998
I am doing a term paper for Anatomy. I am a junior in high school. I am very interested in the study of this disease. if applicable, please send me any info. Thanks.
H. Khan <>
- Tue Apr 28 19:15:15 PDT 1998
Isoniazid, Serodiagnosis, Newer drugs, Culture methods, Slow release preparations of antiTB drugs
Dr.Rajesh M.Ballal <>
Nagpur, Maharashtra India - Tue Apr 28 04:01:16 PDT 1998
This is a really helpful web page.
Jasmine Lopez
Bellevue, IA U.S.A - Fri Apr 24 12:40:35 PDT 1998
(M. bovis)Tuberculin production, quality assurance, potency assay Animal (domestic and exotic)tuberculosis diagnosis
Dr. Elizabeth Rohonczy <>
Nepean, Ontario Canada - Fri Apr 24 09:53:44 PDT 1998
Found the web-site very useful in researching a project on TB Trends in Dudley, UK. Keep up the good work everybody.
Simon Round
Wolverhampton, UK - Wed Apr 22 01:25:05 PDT 1998
Found the web-site very useful in researching a project on TB Trends in Dudley, UK. Keep up the good work everybody.
Simon Round
Wolverhampton, UK - Wed Apr 22 01:24:34 PDT 1998
Found the web-site very useful in researching a project on TB Trends in Dudley, UK. Keep up the good work everybody.
Simon Round
Wolverhampton, UK - Wed Apr 22 01:24:22 PDT 1998
Rapidly Growing Mycobacteria, SDS-PAGE of whole cell proteins of nontuberculous mycobacteria, GLC for identification of mycobacteria, other molecular methods for identification of mycobacteria.
Jaime Esteban <>
Madrid, Madrid Spain - Tue Apr 21 05:53:50 PDT 1998
I'm a senior at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. I'm working on a research paper for my Molecular Genetics class I found MDR-TB to be a very interesting topic. I would appreciate any input in this matter. Anything to do with Molecular Bio will be an asset.
Sunil Daniel <>
Absecon, NJ USA - Sun Apr 19 19:40:09 PDT 1998
mo <>
- Thu Apr 16 21:38:08 PDT 1998
Mycobacteria, multi-drug resistance, NAD biosynthesis, isoniazid catalase
Riccardi Giovanna <>
Pavia, Italy - Thu Apr 16 07:21:31 PDT 1998
Occupational Medicine/Industrial Hygiene/Environmental Health especially related to health care workers
Nicola Magnavita <>
Rome, Italy - Sun Apr 12 08:05:48 PDT 1998
miliary: diagnosis, treatment Is imipenem ussefull in tb?
Jakob, Ernest <>
Córdoba, Córdoba Argentina - Thu Apr 9 13:06:35 PDT 1998
Occupational Medicine / Industrial Hygiene / Environmental health - especially related to remote, industrial construction locations.
Dennis J. Allen, CIH <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Mon Apr 6 06:06:02 PDT 1998
Bacteria Viruses Infectous Disease
Adam Peteson <>
CA USA - Sun Apr 5 11:41:41 PDT 1998
I am a doctor working at the National Research Hematological center. We are interested whether you had got clinical cases of association of tuberculosis with pure red cell aplasia. We have just had a patient who had been suffering for a long time of chronic lymphocytic leukemia ( T-cell origin). She died of disseminated tuberculosis which was diagnosed only at autopsy.
Romanova Larisa <>
Moscow, Russia - Fri Apr 3 01:01:10 PST 1998
I am a student at Monash University, Australia, keenly interested in the tuberculosis epidemic which has re-emerged even in a drug resistant strain. I would be interested to maintain contact with Stanford's development in TB research, as your commitment is well known.
Daniel Jontof-Hutter <>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Thu Apr 2 20:02:21 PST 1998
research on: 1. new drugs 2. new vaccines (for primary disease and adult disease) 3. treatment failures
Dr. Gina S. Itchon <>
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines - Thu Apr 2 17:56:25 PST 1998
I want to have information about IgA determination by ELISA test ,usefull for diagnosis in children tuberculosis.Also I can provide some results of research in Extrapulmonary tuberculosis, and trends of bacteriological resistance in pacients from all the cities in Bolivia.
mirtha camacho <>
La Paz, La Paz. Bolivia - Thu Apr 2 15:18:09 PST 1998
Hi... I'm writing a paper on paleopathology (New World) concerning tuberculosis from a zoonotic perspective. Do you have any information concerning mammoth/elephant, bison, etc (pleistocene) tb-man transmission? Thank you...Tammy
Tammy Grady <>
Calgary, Alberta Canada - Wed Mar 25 12:06:24 PST 1998
tuberculosis; Surveillance; quintessential public health service; public health informatics; Epidemiology
Sunitha V. Narayanan <>
Moscow, Russia Russia - Tue Mar 24 08:57:19 PST 1998
I am a high school student I'd like some information about TB i can use in my research paper can you help me?please?
Carrie Childers but its my dad's comp name <>
gray, tn usa - Mon Mar 23 18:55:25 PST 1998
lawsuits regarding contracting t.b. @ employment. contracting @ correctional facilities. statute of limitations. any other related topics or ideas.
roland gray <>
Yigo, GU (guam) - Mon Mar 23 03:46:47 PST 1998
Need information on engineering and environmental controls for airborne infection isolation rooms in health care facilities looking for research regarding anterooms
scott carroll <>
little rock, ar usa - Thu Mar 19 14:48:09 PST 1998
nefrotoxicity of antituberculos drugs
Munteanu Mircea <>
timisoara, timis Romania - Fri Mar 13 14:51:23 PST 1998
Serology culture resistant strains
Srinivasan P Dr <>
Chennai, Tamilnadu India - Fri Mar 13 03:05:57 PST 1998
incidence and statistics on tb cases in the US and the world mdr tb statistics
jonel p. saludes <>
manila, philippines - Thu Mar 12 02:46:10 PST 1998
I'm doing a research paper on Native American Health Services, I understand American Indians have a history with the disease 'Tuberculosis'. Please write to me if there is any further information. Sincerely, Lucynda Gorman
Lucynda Gorman <>
Tempe, AZ US - Tue Mar 10 05:24:00 PST 1998
information on extrapulmonary tuberculosis especially the female reproductive system bone joints
Eroica Chmura <>
- Mon Mar 9 10:28:49 PST 1998
i am a 8th grade student doing a report on tb and i would be glad if you would help me out and send me info whenever it is possible. thank you very much billy
Billy Stewart <>
dearborn hts., michigan united states - Sun Mar 8 20:02:26 PST 1998
I'm giving a speech on Tuberculosis on 3-11-98 and would like any information you might have on case studies or any statistics regarding TB.
JoKasta McMillen <>
Bridgman, MI USA - Fri Mar 6 11:23:56 PST 1998
I am doing a GNVQ and need research on TB and the people it effects.ASAP please.
Hannah Aylward <>
London, England - Thu Mar 5 04:50:41 PST 1998
Public Health Lab Border Health MDR TB Mexicali, Mexico
Bob Freeman <>
El Centro, CA USA - Tue Feb 24 08:23:44 PST 1998
Molecular interactions between MTB and human macrophage. MTB gene expression pattern
Francesca Mariani <>
Rome, Italy - Thu Feb 19 01:58:30 PST 1998
I went to the gulf in 90/91. In March of 1997, I found out I was TB Positive after a positive skin test. I completed the regimen of six months isoniazid. If you need someone for post treatment study, I'd like to volunteer, and I'm in the area. Jonathan L. Hopwood
Jonathan L. Hopwood <>
Menlo Park, CA US - Sat Feb 14 14:54:14 PST 1998
BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - Sun Feb 8 20:50:28 PST 1998
I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia. I am currently working on an intervention proposal for a Strategies of Health Promotion course. My interest is in examining TB in the South African children population.
Preston Clark <>
Athens , GA United States - Thu Feb 5 18:17:06 PST 1998
I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia. I am working on an intervention proposal for a Strategies of Health Promotion course. My interest in examining TB in the South African children population.
Preston Clark <>
Athens , GA United States - Thu Feb 5 18:14:25 PST 1998
Tratamiento de Tuberculosis drogoresistente. Drugresistant Tuberculosis Treatment
Felix Canal <>
Lima, Peru - Wed Feb 4 13:52:39 PST 1998
Data concerning incidence of suspect/confirmed infectious Tb in the long-term health care setting (e.g. skilled nursing and assited living facilities).
Chris Davis <>
Gaithersburg, MD - Wed Feb 4 08:53:19 PST 1998
TB clinic Follow-up of patients on anti-TB medication Treatment of MRTB
Dr. Gilles Blanchette <>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Tue Feb 3 18:48:53 PST 1998
I'm in the 8th grade and doing a Science Fair Prject on TB. Please provide me with any information possible by the end of the week.
William Kipp <>
Springfield, Illinois USA - Mon Feb 2 19:54:42 PST 1998
I am undertaking a Masters Degree in Health Economics and have chosen Tuberculosis as my subject in order to cost new drugs against predicted benefits to the health service.
David H Higgins <>
London, England - Mon Jan 26 06:27:23 PST 1998
FL Department of Corrections Office of Health Services, Environmetal Health 2601 Blair Stone RD Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500
Gregory S. Redmon <>
Tallahassee, FL US - Fri Jan 23 06:43:38 PST 1998
molecular typing methods, rapid identification of drug resistance
Beate Heym <>
Paris, France - Thu Jan 22 02:34:48 PST 1998
molecular typing methods, rapid identification of drug resistance
Beate Heym <>
Paris, France - Thu Jan 22 02:27:30 PST 1998
molecular typing methods, rapid identification of drug resistance
Beate Heym <>
Paris, France - Thu Jan 22 02:26:58 PST 1998
Immunopathology of TB Efficicy of Anti-TB Vaccine
Feng Pei Zhong <>
Beijing, China - Wed Jan 21 19:16:15 PST 1998
Recurrence How would TB be identified if it were to recure? Ten years post can TB re-appear, the patient followed the TB drug program and no further problems related to TB. Currently there appears to be a small spot on the lung. Not able to preform biopsy. Could it be TB?
Eliot Bernstein <>
CDM, CA usa - Wed Jan 21 08:24:15 PST 1998
TB infection control public health issues worker exposures conversion rates in general population
Teresa A. Caruthers <>
Washington, DC US - Wed Jan 21 08:05:36 PST 1998
Diagnostic Tests for Tuberculosis
Gavin Horrigan, CSL Biosciences <>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Mon Jan 19 05:02:15 PST 1998
Diagnostic Tests for Tuberculosis
Gavin Horrigan, CSL Biosciences <>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Mon Jan 19 05:01:07 PST 1998
I'm innterested in "Tuberculosis" and I would like to have more inforamtion on it. If it's possible plese send a couple of pages I don't mind Martin Ronnig
Martin Ronning <>
Brussels, Belgium - Mon Jan 19 01:57:36 PST 1998
Patient education, college health issues, promotion of skin testing, skin testing results and medications used.
Jo Buczko <>
Pasadena, CA USA - Sun Jan 18 11:34:40 PST 1998
Patient education, college health issues, promotion of skin testing, skin testing results and medications used.
Jo Buczko <>
Pasadena, CA USA - Sun Jan 18 11:34:22 PST 1998
Epidemiology of tuberculosis
Prikazsky Vladimir, M.D. <>
Prague 10, Czech Republic - Sun Jan 18 08:40:58 PST 1998
Tuberculosis of the fpine Tuberculosis of the potts
Jess dela Merced <>
Pasig, Philippines - Thu Jan 15 21:23:08 PST 1998
Interested in finding a position as a research assistant for Summer 98 in San Francisco area. I am currently attending Bryn Mawr College' s postbaccalaureate pre-medical program and have some additional reasearch/lab experience. I graduated from Princeton University in 1996, and I am entering Jefferson Medical College in the fall. Would love suggestions from those already immersed in research as to how they found their wonderful positions. Thanks.
Laurie Gustafson <>
- Mon Jan 12 12:36:37 PST 1998
international opportunities- I am a 2nd year veterinary student who would like to help with research abroad (preferably epidemics in impoverished countries) during the summer months of 1998
Lena Gutberlet <>
Blacksburg, VA usa - Mon Jan 12 09:18:16 PST 1998
international opportunities- I am a 2nd year veterinary student who would like to help with research abroad (preferably epidemics in impoverished countries) during the summer months of 1998
Lena Gutberlet <>
Blacksburg, VA usa - Mon Jan 12 09:17:46 PST 1998
international opportunities- I would like to help with research abroad during the summer months of 1998
Lena Gutberlet <>
Blacksburg, VA usa - Mon Jan 12 09:05:57 PST 1998
I would be grateful for any information relating to the instance of TB in Ireland, past and present, general information on TB would be likewise valuable. Thanking you, in anticipation....
Edel <>
Co.Kildare, Ireland - Mon Jan 12 05:31:13 PST 1998
Hey, cool page here. Yah, well THAT'S ALL hahahahahahaha yelling's DUMB!!!
Ben Jones <>
Pitwomen, New Jersey USA - Sun Jan 11 14:55:46 PST 1998
social impact of tuberculosis in urban areas
Amy Harrington <>
- Sat Jan 10 22:56:34 PST 1998
MDR Tuberculosis
Dr. S. Martínez-Selmo <martí>
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic - Sat Jan 10 18:47:49 PST 1998
Interests: Tuberculosis in Colorado throughout history We need some information, please!!!!
jessica Perino <>
Durango, Co USA - Sat Jan 10 15:02:46 PST 1998
Antimocrobial Susceptibility Testing
Ron Dudek <>
Hercules, CA USA - Thu Jan 8 18:56:13 PST 1998
TB in other organs than lungs.
Loriane Frewing <>
Langley, B.C. Canada - Thu Jan 8 13:30:29 PST 1998
Dear Sirs: Be very pleased of directing me you with motive of requesting informacion on the disease called granuloma tuberculosis or tumor endumedular, the request is due to that I have to a relative with that disease and wanted to know of the fact that is tried and which isyour cure. From already I thank your time, and I wait prompt response.
Ariel Pola <>
Godoy Cruz, Mendoza argentina - Thu Jan 8 05:14:58 PST 1998
I don't have a comment at this point, but ask me later.
MMMMM....I Forgot <>
Crazyville, Calafornia (DUH!!!) - Mon Jan 5 20:18:58 PST 1998
Please inform me if my newborn is at risk of contracting TB. My uncle has TB that recently became active again after being dormant for a number of years. If my baby comes in contact with him, is it likely, or possible, that it will infect my son? Please reply as I am very concerned and will keep my son away from my uncle if I have to. Thank-you.
Traci Lizotte <>
Chilliwack, BC Canada - Mon Jan 5 20:11:41 PST 1998
Environmental Health & Safety
Joe Rizkallah <>
Long Beach, California USA - Mon Jan 5 17:53:53 PST 1998
Drug resistance tuberculosis serveilance and management
Dr.Md.Rabiul Hossain <>
Dhaka, Bangladesh - Fri Jan 2 17:09:46 PST 1998
I would like to know about tuberculosis on the skin, because two years ago I had that problem. I need to know if I'm going to have more problems when I´ll decide to become mother.I finish my treatment, but sometimes I have some little samples of Tb.
Lucia Diaz <>
Mexico, D.F Mexico - Fri Jan 2 14:00:57 PST 1998
Alternative approaches to TB control (esp. MDR)
Sudeep Rao, M.D. <>
Baltimore, MD U.S.A - Fri Jan 2 13:16:07 PST 1998
tuberculosis of urogenital tract the evolution prognosis and treatment i am doing research on these topics and would be thankful if you can guide me to obtain some information thank you and a happy new year
bafiq nizar <>
constanta, constanta romania - Fri Jan 2 04:51:04 PST 1998
Drug resistant strainsof TB currently in proliferation, research, discoveries, etc...
James McMurray <>
Venice, CA. U.S.A. - Wed Dec 31 19:58:18 PST 1997
I need informations about the transmission of TB.Ihad some cases in my family and i would like to know how to stop the transmission thanks.
francis <>
yaounde, cameroun - Wed Dec 31 08:38:20 PST 1997
i like your web page it was very helping to me in my TB reort thanks a lot . keep trying to find a cure and update this site asap . thank you so much , dominkue
whitehaven , pa usa - Mon Dec 29 15:58:36 PST 1997
tuberculosis, cyclopropyl mycolic acids, treatment, mode of action, dormant bacilli,
d taylor <>
adelaide, south australia australia - Mon Dec 29 15:42:32 PST 1997
Diagnosis; Diagnosis by Polimerase Chain Reaction
Coimbra, Portugal - Fri Dec 26 11:52:31 PST 1997
tuberculosis mdr and dr tuberculosis
london, United kingdom - Tue Dec 23 09:03:52 PST 1997
I'm interested in contacts study of tbc patients. Do you have any protocol? QP of contacts in tbc resistant cases (INH,...)
Neus Camps Cura <>
Girona, catalonia spain - Mon Dec 22 11:51:43 PST 1997
I'm very interesting in coinfection HIV-M.tuberculosis in penitentiary population. I'm working in temporal trend of coinfection HIV-M.tuberculosis in penitentiary pooulation of Spain.
Vicente Martin Sanchez <>
24005 LEON, SPAIN - Mon Dec 22 09:31:54 PST 1997
I am very intersted in the system regerding the care of TB patients especially highly infectious Pts. in USA. Do most of hospitals have isolation wards or how to isolate these pts from other immunocompromised pts?
Shuji kurane, M.D. <>
Tokyo, JAPAN - Sun Dec 21 10:01:21 PST 1997
Tuberculosis, mycobacteria, BCG vaccination
Victoria Romanus <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Thu Dec 18 05:58:21 PST 1997
I need info.
Andrew Rosenthal <>
Wilmette, Illinois USA - Tue Dec 16 17:31:51 PST 1997
Necesito información sobre tuberculosis y brucella en bovinos para titulación de medicos Veterinarios
mvz. mercedes guillermina nuñez gutierrez <>
guzmán, jalisco mexico - Tue Dec 16 13:25:32 PST 1997
Am interested in TB pathology and prevention particularly pertaining to prisons in developing countries.
Adrienne Acomb <>
Washington, DC USA - Thu Dec 11 12:35:10 PST 1997
TB and homelessness
Theresa Butler <>
- Wed Dec 10 12:24:51 PST 1997
Maria Scully <>
Buffalo, NY USA - Wed Dec 10 05:44:15 PST 1997
I would appreciate any information on TB possible. Especially pictures dealing with the bacteria and patients
Abigail Nickel <>
College Station, Texas USA - Wed Dec 10 02:08:43 PST 1997
State Tuberculosis Program Manager - All areas
Kim Field <>
Olympia, Washington USA - Tue Dec 9 14:43:42 PST 1997
Encapsulated TB
Melody Becker <>
Whitehouse, TN USA - Mon Dec 8 12:08:26 PST 1997
I am pregnant and I saw that having lupus could affect my pregnancy. I don't know of having lupus and I don't know much about it. I was trying to find out how you get tested for it.
Brandi Donley <>
Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.A. - Mon Dec 8 09:39:00 PST 1997
Any expert information pertaining to the residual effects of pneumo-throax treatments on the heart muscle. Please respond. This information would be very important to me and my family.
Forrest Stephanian <>
- Sun Dec 7 19:07:01 PST 1997
I am a ninth grader conducting a research project pertaining to drug-resistand TB. I am in need of primary research and secondary research. If you can help, thank you.
James Waters <>
New York, New York USA - Sun Dec 7 15:38:55 PST 1997
Molecular Genetics of Tuberculosis
Manu Deeudom <>
Fort Collins, Colorado USA - Thu Dec 4 14:06:35 PST 1997
I like your homepage! Good design! If you have time, come to our german homepage. Hallo, herzlichen Glückwunsch zur gelungenen Homepage. Ausgesprochen gutes Design. Auf jeden Fall eine Bereicherung fürs Netz. Hoffentlich kommen noch viele Besucher vorbei. Mit einem freundlichen Gruß aus Deutschland!
Berlin, DDR - Wed Dec 3 17:46:39 PST 1997
Hi I am a child from I.E Weldon I am doing a project on Tuberculosis My Grandma has the disease I was wondering if any of you could e-mail me with some websites or information on the disease at Thank you
Brad Frost <>
Norwood, Ontario Canada - Mon Dec 1 10:25:41 PST 1997
I am doing a report on tuberculosis and would like to find some more information. especially primary sources, like people that had the disease or that live with it today.
Lmeister <>
Minneapolis, Minnesota USA - Thu Nov 27 11:51:44 PST 1997
tuberculosis in general atypical mycobacteria and treatment
H.P.J. Daemen <>
Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Tue Nov 25 05:44:00 PST 1997
-We are interested in pharmacokinnetics of tuberculostatic drugs in AIDS patients. -Also, we are researching in DOT prophylaxis in drug users with isoniazid twice weekly.
j. portilla <>
alicante, spain - Mon Nov 24 16:52:18 PST 1997
TB fascinates me!!!! I am a second year medical student at Mayo Medical School. I am currently seeking a position with a team researching TB in an endemic area. I am a hard worker and very committed. Please contact me if you are aware of any potential projects. Thank you!!! Sue
Susan Kearney <>
- Sun Nov 23 14:32:00 PST 1997
We've reported three of the first short course tratment reports of TB/HIV in Peru, case control study. We need more information about local experiencies with 6 months/four drugs/short course TB treatment
Oswaldo Jave Castillo <>
Lima, Lima Peru - Tue Nov 18 13:33:25 PST 1997
HIV/TB Multidrug-resistant TB Short course treatment Molecular epidemiology Third World TB/HIV research
Oswaldo Jave Castillo <>
Lima, Lima Peru - Tue Nov 18 12:35:57 PST 1997
Looking for info about how M.Tuberculosis escapes the immune system and develops into TB disease
Margarida Monteiro <>
Almada, Portugal - Sat Nov 15 11:09:02 PST 1997
I don't have any comments at this time.
Corey Zadlo <>
Chicago, IL USA - Fri Nov 14 12:38:05 PST 1997
Personal experience of having TB
Diane Morris <>
Mt. Vernon, Tx USA - Wed Nov 12 08:14:55 PST 1997
tuberculosis, drug resistance, transmission, and treatment.
Scott Richardson <>
sorrento, la usa - Sat Nov 8 09:33:13 PST 1997
I am interested in any materials on tuberculosis.
Jill Sanders <>
Stevens Point, WI USA - Tue Nov 4 12:10:36 PST 1997
FERRARA, ITALY - Tue Nov 4 07:01:12 PST 1997
I'm doing my BSc Genetics and biochemistry at the university of Wales, Aberystwyth. I am interested in the treatment to TB and in its future research into new treatments for MDR-TB.
Karen Barker <>
Ceredigion, Wales UK - Fri Oct 31 08:42:37 PST 1997
I have an uncle who is diabetic and was diagnosed lately to have potts disease. Is potts disease curable in this case? Or is it more likely to spread through the rest of the body? Thanks in advance.
Mostafa Afifi <>
Helioplis, Cairo Egypt - Fri Oct 31 01:59:12 PST 1997
I'm spanish from Barcelona. I'm working in Tuberculosis recombinant vaccine. I'm very interested to work in New york city the next year 1998, due to my wife's work. I 've got a grant, then the economic source is already solved for next year 1998. Please contact with me if you are interested in my collaboration. Thank you very much. All together will fight against tuberculosis.
Dr. Juan Joseph Munne MD PhD in Medicine <>
Barcelona, Catalunya Spain - Thu Oct 30 16:03:23 PST 1997
I'm spanish from Barcelona. I'm working in Tuberculosis recombinant vaccine. I'm very interested to work in New york city the next year 1998, due to my wife's work. I 've got a grant, then the economic source is already solved for next year 1998. Please contact with me if you are interest in my collaboration. Thank you very much. All together will fight against tuberculosis.
Dr. Juan Joseph Munne MD PhD in Medicine <>
Barcelona, Catalunya Spain - Thu Oct 30 15:57:02 PST 1997
I've recently started my Ph.D. at McGill University in genetic susceptibility of tuberculosis in humans. I'm interested in becoming a part of the TB network of researchers.
Suneil (Neil) Malik <>
- Sat Oct 25 11:42:15 PDT 1997
M. avium complex drug therapy...My aunt has developed complications from miliary TB and M.avium complex, and cannot tolerate the current drug therapy...please send any information on any and all options for treating this terrible disease.
Connie Koch <>
Arden, NC USA - Wed Oct 22 07:29:21 PDT 1997
M. avium complex drug therapy
Connie Koch <>
Arden, NC USA - Wed Oct 22 07:24:58 PDT 1997
Looking for Global statistics on TB in 1997
Dr. Shagufta Iram <>
Lahore, Pakistan - Sun Oct 19 01:43:28 PDT 1997
Latent infections, interaction with HIV
Gale W. Newman, Ph.D. <>
Atlanta, GA US - Fri Oct 17 11:43:03 PDT 1997
I am in need of information about diagnostics for hydatidosis and statistics about hydatidosis in Peru. And some epidemiology, please. Thank you.
Alfonso Barnechea <>
Lima, Lima Peru - Wed Oct 15 15:47:34 PDT 1997
On the queries, the replys are not there....
Joanna McGinn <>
- Fri Oct 10 12:54:48 PDT 1997
DNA fingerprinting (by RAPD) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains to determine if MTB strains corelate with epidemiological groups in patients which would assist in successfully seeking TB contacts.
Cynthia B Fisher <>
Bay Pines, FLorida USA - Fri Oct 10 09:28:56 PDT 1997
RFLP, virulence, resistance. Molecular Mecanisms of Mtb resistance. Methods for detection
Jose C. Palomares <>
Seville, Spain - Sat Oct 4 14:01:03 PDT 1997
matamoros, tamaulipas mexico - Mon Sep 29 20:14:50 PDT 1997
immunology of TB secreted proteins vaccines
Dr.S.Vijaya <>
Bangalore, Karnataka INDIA - Fri Sep 26 08:51:19 PDT 1997
Molecular mechanisms of intracellular survival Molecular mechanisms of resistance to ethambutol
Vincent Escuyer <>
Paris, France - Wed Sep 24 01:33:03 PDT 1997
Thanx for helping me with my informative speech on TB!
Kari Nygaard <>
Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA - Tue Sep 23 11:37:05 PDT 1997
Veterinarian with canine patient with avian tuberulosis. Interested in any information on canine tuberculosis.
Kirsten Leach <>
Taupo, New Zealand - Sat Sep 20 16:12:11 PDT 1997
I am a nursing student who is concerned with 2 fellow class mates that have tested positive on a PPD test several years ago, one was tested twice and had a severe reaction. They were told various things form they cannot take meds, to the meds will make their hair fall out, to they are healthy enough they should be okay. Each is in mid 20s early 30s. Any information would be helpful.
Sarah Lieberenz <>
Midland, Texas USA - Thu Sep 11 22:20:38 PDT 1997
Tuberculosis in Native Americans
Miles Rudd, MD <>
Warm Springs, OR USA - Wed Sep 10 23:18:06 PDT 1997
TOLEDO, OHIO, 43699 U.S.A. - Tue Sep 9 08:48:47 PDT 1997
Doctoral research Research Hypothesis: A culturally-sensitive health education intervention will have an effect upon knowledge of tuberculosis and behaviors related to the incidence of tuberculosis among the Bemba of sub-Saharan Africa. Date to begin research: January 1999. Estimated length: Six months. Funding needed: $20,000 (inclusive of round-trip transportation and cost of living in Zambia). Does anyone know of a funding source? Thank You.
Marie G. Heithmar <>
Valrico (near Tampa), Florida U.S.A. - Tue Sep 9 08:41:20 PDT 1997
We are interested to start a pilot study concerning the treatment of tuberculosis in the county of Iasi (Romania). We have already obtained the support of the WHO. Dr Traian Mihaescu Clinic of Pulmonary Diseases 30 Dr I Cihac St Iasi 6600 Romania tel:+40.32.214406 fax:+40.32.213532
Traian Mihaescu <>
Iasi, Romania - Sun Sep 7 03:58:45 PDT 1997
flora samwel <>
dar es salaam, tanzania - Sun Aug 31 05:48:23 PDT 1997
HIV Methadone maintenance programs Heroin on prescription AIDS Society of Kamloops /Methadone Advocacy & Advisory Group
John Anderson <>
Kamloops, British Columbia Canada - Tue Aug 26 15:45:27 PDT 1997
pathophysiology of tb. how to diagnose(symptoms)
Tseliso Nkuebe <>
Durban, South Africa - Sat Aug 23 09:52:31 PDT 1997
-all aspects of TB, currrently invloved in Community Health program at the Ubniversity of Natal as a medical Student
Naeem Sader <>
Durban, KwaZulu/Natal South Africa - Sat Aug 23 09:48:19 PDT 1997
I am interested in communicating with anyone who has treated TB-meningitis or has suffered from it. Please contact me at or 714-824-4971
Julia Gelfand <>
Irvine, CALIF USA - Mon Aug 11 10:48:36 PDT 1997
I am involved in a project which deals with the effect of UV light on the nosocomial transmission of MTB and would like information related to the topic.
Tracey <>
Durban, Natal South Africa - Mon Aug 11 06:18:09 PDT 1997
I work in the area of image processing/rcognition and I am very interested in acquiring a large dataset of slides or digitised images from slides of both ZN-stained and auramine-stained TB bacilli in sputum.
Colin Campbell <>
Bristol, Avon England - Mon Aug 11 02:43:26 PDT 1997
Interested in collaborating on TB research projects. Diagnosis, novel therapies
Dr. Alexander D. Simidchiev <>
Sofia, Bulgaria - Fri Aug 1 14:51:41 PDT 1997
I might have TB and need to knnow more info about the disease.
Debbie Taillon <>
Stittsville, Ontario Canada - Fri Aug 1 09:17:59 PDT 1997
I need information about : molecular biology mycobacterium thuberculosis
lima, peru - Mon Jul 28 10:46:22 PDT 1997
I am looking for a suitable post-doc position. Have extensive experience in the field of tuberculosis for the past 10 years. Have experience in Immmunology, Microbiology, Mol. Biology & Biochemistry. Have developed Immunodiagnostic tests for tuberculosis.
Dr. Mythili Kameswaran <>
Bombay, Maharastra India - Mon Jul 28 00:16:08 PDT 1997
I major in clinical pathology, especially microbiology. In korea, patients with active tuberculosis are about 1% of all population. So, I have a great interest in tuberculosis. I have studied the usefulness of TB PCR for the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis. I would like to exchange opinions on molecular diagnosis and epidemiologic studies.
Jae-Seok Kim, M.D. <>
Seoul, Korea - Sun Jul 27 05:26:34 PDT 1997
Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. Identification of species and strain specific DNA sequences. Methods for isolation of mycobacteria from clinical samples.
Lakshmi Kantham <>
Hawthorn East, Vic 3123 Australia - Thu Jul 24 22:39:15 PDT 1997
tuberculosis vaccines and cytokine responses
Robert G. Townley M.D. <>
Omaha, NE USA - Tue Jul 22 16:26:37 PDT 1997
I am currently doing research on therapy for MDR-TB resistant to the usual triple Anti-Koch's. Any form of help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
Dr. Leonard Lao <>
Caloocan, Philippines - Tue Jul 22 05:44:51 PDT 1997
This is a Very Nice Site!...Come visit us at World Association of Persons with Disabilities [WAPD]-The Sleeping Giant is waking up! HELP you give TODAY is HELP you get Tomorrow..... BE A PARTNER!
George Kerford, President/CEO [WAPD] <>
San Antonio, Texas USA - Sat Jul 19 13:59:00 PDT 1997
I am from Pakistan and working with tuberculosis for last four years. Ihave worked both with immunology and molecular pathology of mycobacteria. I have optimized the diagnosis of extrapulmonary tuberculosis from blood and have successfully applied the techniqu to the diagnosis of 120 clinical isolates (paper in preparation) Besides this I have also done molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis using both Is6110 and Is 1081 for the differentiation of organism within tuberculosis compelex and for the differentiation between M.bovis and Mtuberculosis. Currently Iam working with the Mtp40 gene. Iam intrested in doing my Phd and persuing my work in the same field. I am intrested in looking at the intracellular signalling followed by phagocytosis of tubercel bacillie. If you have any ongoing projects in the related areas please contact me.
Shaper Mirza <>
birmingham, Alabama united States - Fri Jul 18 14:39:07 PDT 1997
Mechanism of phagocytosis of Mycobacteria by macrophages Gallium as Treatment
Aniva Orava <>
- Tue Jul 15 19:38:37 PDT 1997
I am working in the field of paleopathology at the department of anatomy (University of Göttingen). I am interested in bone alterations of the internal surface of the skull caused by tuberculosis. At the moment I am investigating a medieval skeletal population from Germany. Many skulls show signs of meningeal tuberculosis. I would like to have more information about recent cases of meningitis caused by tuberculosis, because we would like to compare our histological specimens with specimens from recent cases.
Thorsten Schlomm <>
Göttingen, Niedersachsen Germany - Mon Jul 14 13:43:27 PDT 1997
especially multiresistant tuberculosis strains in Balkans I'm from the European part of Turkey
Metin Otkun <>
Edirne, Turkey - Mon Jul 14 10:33:14 PDT 1997
I am working in epidemiology of tuberculosis in Cajamarca Peru, with PPD inmunoreaccion research in all this area also with Hystoplasmin an Paracoccidioidin, .My research also involve Intestinal Parasites and anothers as Cysticercosis, Fasciolasis, Hydatidosis etc.I need information of the last foundings in this subjects in Peru.
Zoila Villavicencio de Muck <>
Cajamarca, Cajamarca Peru - Sat Jul 12 17:31:14 PDT 1997
I would like to receive information on BCG revaccination and protection against tuberculosis BCG revaccination tuberculosis immunity tuberculosis and vaccines
Reinaldo de Menezes Martins <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - Tue Jul 8 19:18:36 PDT 1997
Actually I am researching in multiresistent patients with TB treatment. I would like to receive any information about this.
Carlos Manuel Young <>
Guatemala, Guatemala Guatemala - Tue Jul 8 14:35:39 PDT 1997
Estoy interesado en la epidmioogía de la tuberculosis. Saludos
Santiago Rubio <>
Zaragoza, Spain - Mon Jul 7 10:21:24 PDT 1997
I am interested on TB molecular diagnosis
Dr.Khalid M. Bindayna <>
Bahrain - Wed Jul 2 08:17:13 PDT 1997
I´m a student of medicine, I have to make a paper of TBC, epidemiolgy, drug resistance, and terapy of TBC (PAHO protocol )
Juan Gallegos Flores <>
Arequipa, Perú - Sat Jun 28 11:25:16 PDT 1997
I am a physician at the childrens infectious hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. I specialize in TB & minengitis. I would like to discuss surgery applications for the treatment of TB. I am in San Francisco, CA from July 7-16th and from July 30 to Aug 9, 1997. I would like to discuss surgical treatment of TB with you. I have had several succesful cases and I would like to discuss & share this information with you. In CA my telephone number is 415-592-1397. I would like very much to visit Stanford and view your facility. Best regards Lioudmila Klotchkova
Lioudmila klotchkova <>
Belmont, CA USA - Fri Jun 27 15:19:24 PDT 1997
Diagnostic mycobacteriology. Microcolonies detection on Middlebrook 7H11 agar. Rapidly growing mycobacteria
Jaime Esteban <>
Madrid, Spain - Thu Jun 26 05:45:13 PDT 1997
I am a MS student and want to pursue a PhD degree in TB research. My research interests.(1)RFLP analysis of M.tuberculosis.(2)Multi-drug resistance of M.tuberculosis.(3)Detection of M.tuberculosis by PCR (4)Molecular epidemiology of TB. ***The e-mail user's name is not Chuntao Wu,but Qi-lun Sun. Thank you.
Chuntao Wu <>
Beijing, P.R.China - Sun Jun 22 03:57:03 PDT 1997
Diagnosis and treatment
Maria Luigia Lamona <>
Caracas, Distrito Federal Venezuela - Mon Jun 16 18:24:23 PDT 1997
tuberculosis:resistance BK (primary and secondary) cancer bronchopulmonary (brachytherapy)
dr. Ciobanu Doru Traian <>
Brasov, ROMANIA - Sat Jun 14 01:31:29 PDT 1997
BCG; Tuberculosis innoculations;
Gerri Hynes <>
Burlington, Ontario Canada - Fri Jun 6 20:27:01 PDT 1997
Sensitivity of tuberculosis agent to UV-A exposure.
Derek Griffith <>
Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa - Wed Jun 4 14:04:33 PDT 1997
More zero band strains of M.tb exists in South India. DR probe has been found to be the ideal probe for molecular typing of M.tb. Key words: Mycobacterial virulence genes, promoters, intracellular survival.
Dr. R. Sahadevan <>
Madras, Tamil Nadu India - Sat May 31 04:43:56 PDT 1997
Study Results of UV Light Technologies, Management of DOT & DOPT, Community Healthcare Epidemiology Issues
Kevin A. Gritzke <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Tue May 27 17:35:25 PDT 1997
EthnoBios S.R.L. is a small biotech company located in Bolivia working with medicinal plants that have a history of traditional usage. At this time we are working with the sap of a plant that has a history in treating TB, rheumatoid arthritis annd verruges. Studies have suggest that this product induces differnt effects on sveral phases of the immune response which may be compatible with the reported capacity to resolve the TB process. In addition, these effects (stimulation of splenocytes and modulation of the marcrophages activity) lead to consider this substance as a promising candidate to further studies and application as an immunomodulatory product. We have another that is just as interesting but I have already writen more than a "few lines." Sorry. If anyone is interested please contact me at We lack funding to continue our studies so any info. would be apprecialted. Thanks, Joseph C. Traini
Lic. Joseph C. Traini <>
La Paz, La Paz Bolivia - Tue May 27 12:10:02 PDT 1997
38-kDa antigen, 16-kDa antigen, Diagnosis, Vaccine, TB molecular bilogy
Zengyi Chang, Ph.D. <>
Beijing, P.R.China - Thu May 22 16:05:41 PDT 1997
Louisiana Office of Public Health employee in Tuberculosis Control Program interested in learning more about TB diagnosis and treatment.
Richard Adams <RWadams@msn.con>
New Orleans, LA USA - Sun May 18 20:35:21 PDT 1997
INH therapy and longivity further testing once treated
Dawn Bisenius
Peoria, Illinois USA - Sun May 18 20:05:57 PDT 1997
I'm a graduate student who is prepareing a paper on the resurgence of TB and it's effects on the community. Any information that can be obtained would be very much appreciated
Leslie F. Dowers <Sansouci22>
Rosedale, New York U.S.A. - Sun May 18 19:19:33 PDT 1997
Synthetic organic chemistry. Preparation of tuberculostatic agents having enhanced lipophilicity. Preparation of antimicrobials having multiple tuberculostatic moieties in one chemical structure. Near infrared spectroscopy for the analysis of tuberculosis antimicrobials.
M. J. Hearn <>
Wellesley, MA USA - Sun May 18 07:22:01 PDT 1997
I would like to receive the lattest news about tuberculosis and the co-infection with AIDS. I´m a brasilian pulmonologist that work with TB/AIDS. Thank you for your help
Enio Pires Studart <>
rio de janeiro, RJ Brasil - Sat May 17 15:33:18 PDT 1997
Mycobacterial genetics and pathogenesis
Ed Swords <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Fri May 16 11:42:53 PDT 1997
Use of HPLC for species identification of mycobacteria, susceptibility testing and epidemiology.
David Fett <>
madison, wi wi - Thu May 15 13:00:37 PDT 1997
Gene expression of Mycobacteria. analysis of limiting amounts of RNA using novel techniques. Microarray hybridization to study gene expression patterns.
Joe Mangan <>
London, England - Wed May 14 08:22:48 PDT 1997
I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of York. analysis of the spread and control of tuberculosis in developing countries (case study: South - Africa), mathematical models of population dynamics, rural-urban migration (** edited for length **)
Doriana Delfino <>
York, UK Europe - Mon May 12 11:32:32 PDT 1997
Protein Crystallography, Structure-based drug design, Identification of Novel drug targets in M.tuberculosis, Understanding the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in tuberculosis, evolution of TB as well as that of drug resistant species.
Shekhar C. Mande <>
Chandigarh, INDIA - Sun May 11 02:12:51 PDT 1997
I work as Lecturer in Preventive and Social Medicine in Government Medical College, Nagpur, INDIA. My interests are DOTS and epidemiologic models of tuberculosis.
Hemant Kulkarni <>
Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA - Sat May 10 13:20:44 PDT 1997
My academic unit has a growing program of TB research (Adult and pediatric) both in London and in Central Africa. The work encompasses immunology, epidemiology, immunotherapy and pathology. Keywords: TB, Adult, Pediatric, Central Africa, London, Epidemiology, immunology, microbiology
Dr.Alimuddin Zumla PhD.MD.FRCP <>
London W1P 6DB, United Kingdom - Sat May 10 06:04:35 PDT 1997
TB-HIV; TB prevention and control in Latin America
Kathy DeRiemer <>
Brasil - Fri May 9 21:52:39 PDT 1997
Access to TB care / control programmes in developing countries
Dr Bertie Squire <>
Liverpool, U.K. - Fri May 9 01:46:48 PDT 1997
Pathology of T.B, Fingerprinting, PCR for diagnosis of T.B from PBMC.
Shaper Mirza <>
Birmingham, AL USA - Wed May 7 14:51:20 PDT 1997
I am a respiratory care student interested in information about TB. I am especially interested in the connection between AIDS and TB.
Heather Hall <>
Indianapolis, Indiana USA - Tue May 6 20:42:20 PDT 1997
I am a 16 year-old high school student from Denver who is interested in learning about TB and the reasons for its resurgence in the past ten years, as well as multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. If anyone has information on this topic, it would be much appreciated.
Merrill Abrams <>
Denver, CO USA - Mon May 5 13:34:05 PDT 1997
I am particularly interested in multi-drug resistant TB, DNA based assay for rapid detection of multidrug-resistant TB or rifampin resistant strains, molecular aspects of TB also ,,,and possibly virulence
Ma. Sheila Mangalonzo-de Jesus <>
Cupang, Muntinlupa City, 1771 Philippines - Mon May 5 07:43:34 PDT 1997
My interest is Epidemiology of tuberculosis control. TB DNA fingerprinting is one of the most fascinating new technologies for us.
Toru Mori <>
Kiyose, Tokyo 204 Japan - Sat May 3 04:54:11 PDT 1997
murtuza bahrainwala h. <>
kew-gardens, ny-11415 U.S.A - Fri May 2 16:21:19 PDT 1997
diagnostic tests PCR-based molecular epidemiology
Caterina Mammina, MD <>
Palermo, Italy - Fri May 2 08:03:46 PDT 1997
Direct detection of Mycobacterium species. Speciation by HPLC. Quantitative analysis of clinical specimens.
Sher-Hwin Chiu <>
Austin, Texas USA - Thu May 1 19:09:58 PDT 1997
High-output UV for HVAC air disinfection
Tom Schaefer <8009250440>
Cincinnati, OH United States - Thu May 1 16:34:32 PDT 1997
Main interests: National TB Programmes, DOTS, TB and NGOs, training health workers. Visit the tbNET website at
Ian Smith <>
Kathmandu, Nepal - Wed Apr 30 09:29:53 PDT 1997
New treatment methods for Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Han Yu-ling <>
Jinan, Shandong P.R.China - Wed Apr 30 09:00:54 PDT 1997
Developing appropriate diagnostic tests for TB
Dr. Leslie A. Stringfellow <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tue Apr 29 11:48:15 PDT 1997
Areas of interest: Molecular Biology, Pathogenesis, Drug development
Juan A. Ayala <>
Madrid, Madrid Spain - Tue Apr 29 10:21:41 PDT 1997
Bacterial lipoglycans (eg. mycobacterial LAMs) and lipoproteins
Iain Sutcliffe <>
- Tue Apr 29 08:40:38 PDT 1997
DOTS,TB/HIV-AIDS,TB researches,
Petchawan Pungrassami ,M.D. <>
Hatyai District, Songkla Province THAILAND - Tue Apr 29 08:36:21 PDT 1997
Looking for info on the recovery time from TB in insulin dependent diabetes.
Nancy Conner <>
Birmingham, AL US - Tue Apr 29 08:23:27 PDT 1997
Dept. of Biochem., Baylor college of Medicine. Interests: pathogenesis, virulence. Have isolated and characterized the oligomeric state and chaperone activity of the 16 kDa antigen from M. tb.
Todd P. Primm <>
Houston, Texas USA - Mon Apr 28 11:07:36 PDT 1997
Gerard Cangelosi, Ph.D. Seattle Biomedical Research Institute Department of Pathobiology University of Washington Interests: molecular diagnosis, pathogenesis, drug development
Gerard Cangelosi <>
Seattle, WA USA - Mon Apr 28 10:51:50 PDT 1997
automated fragment-based DNA genotype matching, computational methods, IS6110 fingerprint clustering methods, Please visit my web pages by following the link from my name.
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