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Stanford Shows Promise in Pre-Season Match with Cal-Maritime

Vallejo, California – Friday March 22nd

A late Stanford comeback wasn’t enough, as Stanford lost a pre-season match to The California Maritime Academy 12-26. Cal Maritime led early, and despite sustained pressure through the middle of the first half, Stanford was unable to cross the line, with Cal Maritime scoring just before the break for a 12-0 lead. In the second half, Cal Maritime scored an early try for a 19-0 lead, and would cross once more mid way through the second half. The final quarter of the match was all Stanford, with Sam Falkenhagen crossing the line and converting his own try, before Nino Abundes ended the game with a try. Stanford struggled to win possession in the set pieces, with both the scrum and lineout struggling, but the team showed considerable promise in open play, particularly when they were able to move the ball wide.

In the 2nd team JV match, Stanford jumped out to a quick lead behind a Drew Lexmond penalty kick, and tries by both Charles Calvet and Pascal Odek, who scored two of his own. Cal Maritime mounted a second half comeback to narrow the Stanford lead to 24-22, but a last minute try by Dahlton Brown secured the impressive 29-22 Stanford victory.

Next Up: Cardinal and White Scrimmage: Friday December 6th at 6pm

Stanford Varsity XV vs. Cal Maritime: 1: Cam Bailey 2: Zach Long 3: Patrick Quigley 4: Chris Herries 5: Alex Barron 6: Jovi Ripert 7: Rory Houghton-Berry 8:Dan Agness 9:Alejandro Sanchez 10: Jason Liljenquist 11: Wesley Greiner 12: George Fullerton 13: Nico Sanchez 14: Nino Abundes 15: Sam Falkenhagen