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Stanford Wins Big Over Fresno State

Steuber Field – Stanford, Ca.

Stanford ran away with big win in their final home game Saturday, blasting Fresno State 87-5 on a beautiful, hot, sunny day at Steuber Field.  Stanford took control in the opening minutes, taking Fresno through multiple phases from the games first lineout before Nico Sanchez offloaded to captain Jeremy Kim streaking on in support to score three minutes in.  Oscar Sandoval converted, Stanford was up 7-0 and never looked back.  Kim would add another try in the first half, while Alejandro Sanchez would score three in the first period, and Stanford would score seven tries in total by the 31 minute mark for a 41-0 lead.  The final ten minutes of the half fell a bit flat for Stanford, and that’s how the half would end with Stanford up 41-0.  In the second period, Stanford would reemerge with better purpose and precision than they finished the first.  Stanford added eight tries in the second half, and in total ten Stanford players would cross the line, with Chris Fernandes, Jeremy Kim, and Patrick Crowley each scoring a brace.  Fresno, who continued to work hard throughout the match despite the scoreline were able to get a reward for their effort, crossing the Stanford line on the final play of the game to avoid the shutout.   Overall, Stanford put in a strong performance to finish the quarter, with long periods or purposeful and precise play leading to the creation of ample scoring opportunities that were finished off well.

In the second side game, Stanford won a hard fought contest 36-29 over a strong team that combined Stanford GSB players and Fresno State reserves.  Stanford was down at the half 14-17, but riding strong performances from Dean Patrick, Marvin Omolo, Jamieson O’Marr, Nathan Mix, Sam Falkenhagen, Uche Omegara, Jovi Ripert, and Jonnie Kipyator, admirably leading the Stanford attack for the first time at flyhalf, Stanford came back to earn the tough victory.

Next Up: Stanford (8-4 / 5-2) finish Pacific Western Conference play when they travel to take on Nevada Reno (4-3) on Saturday April 4th at 3pm.  UC Davis leads the Conference (34 points) with Chico State in 2nd (31 points).  Stanford is currently in 3rd place (26 points), while Reno is in 4th place (23 points).    Sacramento State remains in contention (17 points), with  two games remaining vs. Fresno State and Chico State.  The top four teams advance to the Conference Championships April 11/12 at UC Davis.   More Pacific Western Conference information is Here

Stanford Team vs. Fresno State: 1: Mitch Hokanson (Dahlton Brown, Uche Omegara) 2: Jeremy Kim *Captain 3: Chris Herries  4: Jay Reader 5: Nick Perkins (Jovi Ripert) 6: Austin Carey 7: Patrick Crowley 8: Rory Houghton-Berry 9: Alejandro Sanchez 10: Nico Sanchez (Sam Falkenhagen) 11: Ian McColl 12: Chris Fernandes 13: Wesley Greiner 14: Jack Chabolla (Dean Patrick) 15: Oscar Sandoval

Scoring Summary: 3: Stanford Kim Try (Sandoval Conversion) 5: Stanford Fernandes Try 11: Stanford A. Sanchez Try 16: Stanford Kim Try (Sandoval Conversion) 20: Stanford A. Sanchez Try 29: Stanford A. Sanchez Try 31: Stanford Crowley Try (Sandoval Conversion) (Halftime Stanford 41 – Fresno State 0) 42: Stanford Carey Try (Sandoval Conversion) 49: Stanford McColl Try 52: Stanford N. Sanchez Try 59: Stanford Crowley Try 64: Stanford Fernandes Try 68: Stanford Sandoval Try 74: Stanford Ripert Try 77: Stanford Reader Try (Falkenhagen Conversion) 80: Fresno State Try (Full-time Stanford 87 – Fresno State 5)

Stanford Loses Away at Chico State

University Field – Chico, Ca.

Stanford dropped their second Pacific Western Conference match of the season, the second loss coming on the road at Chico State 28-41.  Despite a strong first half, and 14-12 lead at the break, Chico State pulled away early in the second half.  While Stanford rebounded from a poor second half start, and crawled back into the game and within striking distance of reclaiming the lead, they were ultimately unable to overcome the deficit.

The first ten minutes were back and forth, with both teams feeling each other out, and opting to play for territory.  In the 11th minute a Chico State kick found space behind the Stanford line.  Stanford recovered to put the ball into touch, but were slow to react on a quickly taken lineout by Chico leading to the games first score.  Stanford bounced back to get the next score, courtesy of a Jovi Ripert try from a strong driving maul from the lineout.  With the half winding down, Chico exploited a poor Stanford kick chase, working the ball deep into Stanford’s end, then shifting the ball across to the other touchline for a well worked try.  Again Stanford responded, with Patrick Crowley crossing over in the dying minutes of the half.  Sam Falkenhagen was good on both conversion attempts and Stanford led 14-12 at the break.

While Stanford carried momentum into the half, Chico reclaimed it heavily to start the second period, scoring two identical tries within the first three minutes, both from a only a few phases off the kickoff, putting Stanford in a 14-26 hole.  Stanford bounced back to pull themselves out of the slump to even the flow of the game, but Chico would again score next in the 53rd minute.  Stanford then began to crawl back into the game, scoring two tries, both from Stanford defensive pressure and intercepts by Jack Chabolla, one he finished off himself, and one he offloaded to center Chris Fernandes.  The two Stanford tries were separate by a Chico State penalty, and with thirteen minutes remaining, Stanford trailed 28-36 and seemed within striking distance.   However, broken play continued and Stanford was unable to find continuity in attack to get the much needed next score.  As time wound down, Chico worked the ball into Stanford territory, and scored in injury time to finish the game.

Next Up: Stanford (7-4 / 4-2) host Pacific Western Conference opponent Fresno State (1-5) on Saturday March 14th at 1pm at Steuber Rugby Field.

Stanford Team vs. Chico State: 1: Mitch Hokanson 2: Jeremy Kim *Captain 3: Chris Herries (Dahlton Brown) 4: Patrick Crowley 5:Austin Carey 6: Alex Barron (Sean Means, Nick Perkins) 7: Jovi Ripert 8: Rory Houghton-Berry 9: Alejandro Sanchez 10: Nico Sanchez 11: Oscar Sandoval 12: Chris Fernandes 13: Wesley Greiner (Ian McColl) 14: Jack Chabolla 15: Sam Falkenhagen

Scoring Summary: 11: Chico State Try 24: Stanford Ripert Try (Falkenhagen Conversion) 33: Chico State Try and Conversion 39: Stanford Crowley Try (Falkenhagen Conversion) (Halftime Stanford 14 – Chico State 12) 41: Chico State Try and Conversion 43:  Chico State Try and Conversion 53: Chico State Try and Conversion  58: Stanford Fernandes Try (Falkenhagen Conversion)  63: Chico State Penalty 68: Stanford Chabolla Try (Falkenhagen Conversion) 80: Chico State Try (Full-time Chico State 41 – Stanford 28)