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BESS, Electical Engineering, National Chiao-Tung University,  2008

M.S, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2011

Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2010-2011

Research: Digitally Assisted Data Converters for Medical Imaging
     Tremendous work has been done to carry conventional 2D ultrasonic imaging system to a portable 3D imaging system, which implies increasing amount of data acquisition. In order to deal with the resultant, raised complexity in signal interface while achieving miniaturization, functional blocks need to be optimized in a system level perspective. Photoacoustic imaging, which can be considered as a received only ultrasonic system, is the driver application in this research. Methods of designing area-and-power efficient beamforming architectures in ultrasound systems will be studied to facilitate the realization of pitch-matched electronics for 2D sensor array.
    In the proposed architecture, the single-bit sigma-delta beamformer is applied to reduce the hardware complexity. A second-order sigma-delta modulator with an OSR of 32~64 is simulated in the MATLAB platform and proved to achieve comparable performance as the conventional 10-bit multi-bit beamformer. The single-bit beamformer has been built in 32-nm SOI technology and occupies only 4.5% of a pixel area. Currently, this work focuses on the design of the sigma-delta ADC. Of particular interest is the inverter-like amplifier, which will be used in the integrators for achieving area-efficient design.



Email: manchiac AT stanford DOT edu

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