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BSEE, Iowa State University, 2008
MSEE, Iowa State University, 2009
Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2009-2010

Research: Nonlinearity in Ultra-Wideband Low-Pass Filters

Due to decreasing supply voltage and increasing device output conductance in modern short CMOS processes, designing a linear analog filter is becoming increasingly challenging. Also, modern communications protocols like WiGig add additional challenges with th broadband input signals by requiring linearity over ultra-widebandwidths. My research studies nonlinearities in UWB filters and tries to the address the problem by fully mathematically characterizing the nonlinearity, understanding its effect due to wideband inputs and not just single test tones, and looking for ways to calibrate and correct for the nonlinearity in the analog domain.

We are currently working towards the tapeout of a continuous time linear equalizer (CTLE) using Gm-C filters in 45nm CMOS. This chip will be a vehicle to demonstrate the wideband nonlinearity theory that has already been worked out in this research.

Email: rboesch AT stanford DOT edu

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