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Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2009-2010

Research: Wide-Band Continuous-Time Low-Pass Filter with Linearity Feedback Correction for OFDM Systems
The next-generation wireless communications systems are targeting the 60GHz band to meet the data rate requirements for a wire-free world. Driven by stringent requirements on blocker rejection and coexistence with other standards and protocols, systems will call for integrated active filters with bandwidths > 1 GHz, pole quality factors exceeding 10, and filter linearity on the order of 60 dB. The objective of this project is to use digital information available in OFDM systems to perform background linearity calibration. OFDM systems presently use pilot tones for channel estimation and calibration purposes. These pilot tones contain spectral information about the signal path nonlinearity that will be used in a feedback path to correct the filter nonlinearities. It is anticipated that, with this feedback correction, filters with the stringent required specifications for 60GHz band applications will be realizable in modern CMOS processes.

OFDM is presently used in most modern communications standards and it will continue to be the modulation technique of choice for the foreseeable future. In addition to the target application for the 60GHz band, the linearity correction algorithm developed in this project will be applicable to all other present and future OFDM systems.

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Email: rboesch AT stanford DOT edu

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