Pictured (from left): Mahmood Al-Husseini, AJ Rogers, Christopher Kowalewski, Kathleen Mills, Fatemah Shenasa, Dr. Sanjiv Narayan (Director), Junaid Zaman

Pictured (from left): Samuel Ruiperez Campillo, Prash Ganesan, Ruibin Feng, Brototo Deb, Dr. Sanjiv Narayan (Director)

Welcome to the Computational Arrhythmia Research Laboratory at Stanford University.

Our mission is to improve the therapy of patients with complex heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) by developing bioengineering solutions to clarify mechanisms and improve therapy.  Our focus is atrial fibrillation (AF) and ventricular fibrillation (VF).  Our guiding principle is to perform: “bedside-to-bench-to-bedside” research, by iteratively combining rigorous signal processing methods with computational methods including machine learning and logging response to physiologically-tailored therapy.  Since 2001, we have had several key achievements.  First, development of physiologically-guided methods to understand electrical signals (electrograms) during AF and VF by using monophasic action potential recordings, contact basket recordings and ablation in patients at clinically indicated electrophysiology study and ablation.  Second, to use these tools to clarify mechanisms, by demonstrating rotational and focal sources during clinical AF and VF that have now been validated by independent clinical groups and by optical mapping in human hearts.  Third, to demonstrate proof-of-concept that ablating these sites (Focal Impulse and Rotor Modulation, FIRM) can effectively treat these conditions in initial trials. Finally, making mapping more accessible to others by placing AF mapping software, visualization tools and de-identified contact basket recordings available as downloadable executables and Smartphone apps.

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  • Dr. Prash Ganesan wins the Best Poster award at Atrial Signals 2021 for his work titled, ” Spatial Distribution of Repetitive Electrograms Identifies a Spectrum of Organization from Atrial Fibrillation to Flutter.”
  • Dr. Prash Ganesan is shortlisted for Young Investigator Award at APHRS, 2021 for his work, “Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Response Predicted by Area of Repetitive Electrograms.”
  • Dr. Sunil Vasireddi is awarded the  Eric N. Prystowsky Fellows Clinical Research Award and CES best poster award at #HRS2022.
  • Dr. Sanjiv Narayan was named Heart Rhythm Society’s 2022 Distinguished Clinical Scientist.
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