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The data on the website listed below provides information about the distribution of grades of recent college students and graduates. The table is broken out by a variety of factors including gender, type of institution (public or private), and age.

Distribution of undergraduates, by Grade Point Average (GPA): 1999-2000
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Enrollment Projections

Listed below are links to websites and databases that provide information about the number of graduates and types of degrees expected in the US in the next decade.

High School Graduation through 2011

High school graduation, by type of institution, with projections: 1985/86 to 2010/11
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Percentage change in number of public high school graduate over time by region and state with projections: 1992/93 to 2010/11
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College Graduation through 2011

Associate Degrees by Gender
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Bachelors Degrees by Gender
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Post-College Graduation through 2011

Master's Degrees by Gender
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Doctor's Degrees by Gender
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First-Professional Degrees by Gender
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Workforce Graduation Data Projections through 2011
Enrollment Projections
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