High Speed LANs


Faster nets ... why?


Buying Equipment: What to Evaluate

Migration Concerns: Partial Implementations?

Any design that you develop should take into consideration the blending of existing 10 Mbps service, including the router connection (until such a time that your router port is upgraded to 100 Mbps service).

Example #1: ChemEng's Shared 100FX Backbone

The Chem Engineering distribution device uses a shared 100FX module, which worked fine for short intra building backbone connections where no user could plug in devices to pull the net out-of-spec.

Chassis Design w/ Upgradeable Modules

This was proposed design was actually implemented.

Stackable Approach

This design was not implemented - instead low cost modular switches arranged in star form were employed rather than the Asante stackable switches.

Switch w/ Multiple VLANs and Subnets

Foretelling the Future:

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