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People -- David D. Perkins

Curriculum vitae


B.A., Biology, University of Rochester 1941.
Ph.D., Zoology (Genetics), Columbia University 1949.


Faculty member, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, since 1948. (Emeritus 1989. Recalled to active duty.)

Research Fellow, University of Glasgow (1954-55), Columbia University (1962-63), Australian National University (1968-69).

Visiting Scholar, Universities of Washington, Hawaii, and California at San Diego (1975-76), University of Paris-Sud, 1985

Other activities:

N.I.H. Genetics Training Committee, 1961-65. 
Editor GENETICS, 1963-67.
India-U.S. Exchange of Scientists Programme, 1974. 
President, Genetics Society of America, 1977. 
Executive Board, International Genetics Federation, 1978-83. 
Member National  Academy of Sciences, 1981
Guggenheim Fellow, 1983-85. 
N.I.H. Research Career Award, 1964-89, MERIT Award, 1987-96.
Genetics Society of America Morgan Medal, 1994.
Honorary Member, British Mycological Society, 2005. 

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