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Neurospora Links

Almost all Neurospora web resources can be accessed through the
Fungal Genetics Stock Center ( FGSC) and Links therein.

However, here are a number of direct links to important web pages:

The Neurospora Home Page
Fungal Genetics Meetings
Neurospora Genome Resources
Useful Neurospora Reviews and Reference Sources
         (as available on our site, with many PDF files)
Useful Neurospora Reviews and Reference Sources
         (as available on The Neurospora Home Page)
The Neurospora crassa 'Gene List' e-Compendium
The Neurospora Compendium: Chromosomal Loci (Perkins et al. 2001)
The Neurospora Protocol Guide


Images of Neurospora are available at a number of sites:

N. B. Raju’s archive of Neurospora cytogenetics.

Live-cell imaging of Neurospora and other fungi from Nick Read at the University of Edinburgh

Neurospora Images at FGSC

Images on the Neurospora Home Page

Images by Matt Springer at (American Society of Microbiology. You will need to “Search for” Neurospora and login to view their visual collection.)


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