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From Karl Esser, Ruhr- Universität Bochum

In Memory of Dave Perkins and his wife Dorothy Newmeyer- Perkins

It is more than half a century ago that I have first met Dave Perkins and his wife Dorothy on the occasion of the International Botanical Congress in Paris in 1954. Georges Rizet had organized a Symposium on Incompatibility. In these days the community of Fungal Geneticists was very small. Thus almost all scholars interested in this field of Fungal Genetics were present. I remember that we have met between the meetings in Rizet´s lab for a drink.

We all were rather young these days and it was fascinating to see all the people known from publications. Since these days I have been more or less in contact with Dave. We have met several times on meetings and we had contact by mail. I never forget the hospitality of the Perkins, when I came first to California in summer 1960.

I think it would not be appropriate for me to me to give here a survey concerning Dave´s scientific successes and merits. His contributions to the Neurospora Genetics are so evident and well known to the scientific community.

However I will use a few words about his warm personality. He was such a wonderful person, always friendly with a fine grin in his face. He was helpful in giving advices and helped many persons to establish research programs. He did not hesitate to exchange strains. This was in theses days by no means obvious.  But I think he also profited from the affectionate support of Dorothy his beloved wife.

I will never forget these fine persons.

Requiescae in Pace.

Karl Esser


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