The Perkins Lab -- Neurospora Genetics and Biology
Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University


The lab currently consists of three senior scientists working on different, but related, aspects of Neurospora genetics.

Professor David D. Perkins has been on the faculty at Stanford University since 1949, over 55 years of active teaching, research and service.

Dr. N. B. Raju joined the lab in 1974 and has been concentrating on the cytogenetic aspects of the Neurospora sexual cycle continually since.

Dr. David Jacobson originally joined the lab in 1989 for a two year post doc, but returned as a senior research scientist in 1996.

Together the lab has over 100 person years of experience working with Neurospora!

More details of each person’s experience are available at the following links:

David Perkins’ cv

N. B. Raju’s cv

David Jacobson’s cv



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