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Introduction to Neurospora sexual biology and the accompanying photo series.   (N.B. Raju)
Normal meiosis and ascospore development in heterothallic species of Neurospora.   (N.B. Raju)
Meiosis and ascospore development in the psuedohomothallic species Neurospora tetrasperma.   (N.B. Raju)
Eight-spored asci in certain genotypes of Neurospora tetrasperma .   (N.B. Raju)
Ascospore development in the Banana mutant of Neurospora crassa.   (N.B. Raju)
Ascus development in the Round-spore mutant of N. crassa.   (N.B. Raju)
Mitosis in enlarged cells of Neurospora crassa  (N.B. Raju)
The expression of Spore killers in N. crassa, N. sitophila, and N. intermedia  (N.B. Raju)

Permission and Copyright

You may use any of these photos for educational purposes (not for profit). We ask that you use a credit line citing the original reference and the photographer. High-resolution versions of these photos are available upon request from N.B. Raju’s photo collection, see Contacts. If previously published photos are to be used in publication, permission will, of course, be required from the publisher (see the captions of enlarged photos).

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