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Lower Extremity Model, Wrist Model, and associated Tutorials.



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Thank you for your interest in using our model of the lower extremity. You are welcome to use and modify this model for your noncommercial research. We hope it will be helpful to you and that you will continue to improve and apply the model to new research applications. To download this model, you will need to provide some information and agree on the conditions for use of the model, listed below. This information will be logged to a data file, and would only be used to inform you of updates to the model.

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Expected Use

There are five conditions on the use of these models.

  1. These model were developed and tested over several years of collaborative work. An overview of the model is published in the references cited on this website. You must acknowledge the source of the models in any presentation, publication, or grant application that includes an image or description of the models or results generated with the model.
  2. You must test the accuracy of the models in the context of your application. We have developed the model for a specific purpose and understand its strengths and limitations in this specific application. You are responsible for testing its accuracy in the context of your planned application. We make no guarantees as to its suitability for your particular application.
  3. We ask you to provide improvements you make to the models to us, so that we, and others, may benefit from your work.
  4. You may not copy or distribute these models. If others are interested in using the models, please direct them to this website.
  5. The models may be used only for non-commercial, academic work. It may not be used in any commercial activity. You may not sell the models or results or images generated with the models.

Clicking "Agree" means that you agree to use the model only under these conditions.