FELIX Maps and Sequence
NB: If you are using pFLX-4CG or pFLX-FCG you can obtain higher titres by switching to pFLX-5CG.

pFLX-5CL: PGK-LacZ Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-5CL Graphic Map
pFLX-5CL Sequence

pFLX-5CG: PGK-huGFP Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-5CG Graphic Map
pFLX-5CG Sequence

pFLX-RSG: RSV-huGFP Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-RSG Graphic Map
pFLX-RSG Sequence

pFLX-CPLks: Polylinker Containing Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-CPLks Graphic Map
pFLX-CPLks Sequence

pFLX-CRS: RSV + Polylinker Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-CRS Graphic Map
pFLX-CRS Sequence

pFLX-CMG: CMV-huGFP Transfer Vector (2nd Gen)
pFLX-CMG Graphic Map
pFLX-CMG Sequence

pCPRDEnv: Structural Protein Vector (2nd Gen)
pCPRDEnv Graphic Map
pCPRDEnv Sequence

 pCFWDEnv: Structural Protein Vector (2nd Gen)
pCFWDEnv Graphic Map
pCFWDEnv Sequence

pRSV-FGP: Structural Protein Vector (3rd Gen)
pRSV-FGP Graphic Map
pRSV-FGP Sequence

pFLX-YCL: PGK-LacZ Transfer Vector (3rd Gen)
pFLX-YCL Graphic Map
pFLX-YCL Sequence

pCI-VSVG: VSV-G Envelope Vector
pCI-VSVG Graphic Map
pCI-VSVG Sequence

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