On-chip nonclassical light sources
Kai, Kevin, Tomas, Constantin, Konstantinos
Quantum information processing and cavity QED with quantum dots in photonic crystal nanocavities
Konstantinos, Tomas, Kai, Kevin, Linda, Constantin
Nanometallic cavities
Yousif, Kevin, Tomas
Diamond Nanophotonics
Linda, Marina, Yousif
Silicon Carbide photonics
Marina, Linda, Kai
Silicon Germanium photonics
Nanophotonic devices for biomedical applications
Alex, Jan
Objective-First Design for Nanophotonics
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Nanophotonic Inverse Design

We are developing a computationally efficient design algorithm for nanophotonic structures, which we call "objective-first design". Instead of optimizing a design objective while satisfying Maxwell's equations, objective-first design forces the design objective to always be met, and then attempts to modify the electromagnetic fields and structure in order to satisfy Maxwell's equation. Using this strategy we have successfully designed both nanophotonic resonators and waveguide couplers.


Recent Publications:

  1. Inverse design and demonstration of a compact and broadband on-chip wavelength demultiplexer, Alexander Y. Piggott, Jesse Lu, Konstantinos G. Lagoudakis, Jan Petykiewicz, Thomas M. Babinec, and Jelena Vučković, Nature Photonics (2015)
  2. Inverse design and implementation of a wavelength demultiplexing grating coupler, Alexander Y. Piggott, Jesse Lu, Thomas M. Babinec, Konstantinos G. Lagoudakis, Jan Petykiewicz, Jelena Vuckovic, Scientific Reports 4, 7210, (2014) (arXiv:1406.6185)
  3. Objective-first design of high-efficiency, small-footprint couplers between arbitrary nanophotonic waveguide modes, Jesse Lu and Jelena Vuckovic, Optics Express 20, pp. 7221-7236 (2012).
  4. Inverse design of a three-dimensional nanophotonic resonator, Jesse Lu, Stephen Boyd, and Jelena Vuckovic, Optics Express, 19, pp. 10563-10570 (2011).
  5. Inverse design of nanophotonic structures using complementary convex optimization, Jesse Lu, Jelena Vuckovic ((Paper))
  6. General recipe for designing photonic crystal cavities, Dirk Englund, Ilya Fushman, and Jelena Vuckovic, Optics Express, Vol. 13, No. 16, pp. 5961 - 5975 (2005). (arXiv:physics/0507156)
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