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Nonlinear optics in photonic crystals

The Idea:

To use photonic crystal cavities and waveguides to enhance nonlinear frequency conversion.


III-V semiconductors, such as GaAs and GaP, are considered promising candidates for nonlinear optical devices because of their large second order nonlinearity, transparency over a wide wavelength range, and ease of integration with semiconductor processing. The cubic symmetry of the zincblende lattice of III-V semiconductors does not exhibit birefringence, therefore engineering the dispersion or using sub-coherence length optical microcavities is especially important. High quality factor micro-cavities offer a means to achieve high conversion efficiencies on-chip with a vastly reduced size, and could be integrated with nanophotonic technology. Furthermore, these can be used to provide an interface between quantum emitters and telecommunications networks, or alternatively for providing a platform for high efficiency photo-detection via frequency conversion to the visible wavelengths, where single photon counters have maximum detection efficiency.


We have demonstrated second harmonic and sum frequency generation in photonic crystal nanocavities and waveguides fabricated in gallium phosphide [1-4, 8] and gallium arsenide [9] at ultra-low powers. We observe second harmonic radiation at 750 nm with input powers of only nanowatts coupled to the cavity. We have also integrated quantum emitters with our nonlinear conversion platform, and demonstrated a telecommunications wavelength pumped single photon source operating at speeds of up to 300 MHz [5], as well as quasiresonant excitation of the quantum dots using generated second harmonic [10].


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