WNT Antibodies

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Hi, I am currently using a Wnt3a antibody (R&D) for fluorescent labeling (paraffin embedded sections) and am finding a very weak signal. Additionally when I try frozen sections WNT3a appears to have a strong signal localized to the nucleus. I have seen similar results with a Wnt3a antibody from Millipore but with paraffin sections. I was wondering if there are any ideas for better detection and the reason for the nuclear signal.

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reliable Wnt5A antibody

Hi, I am trying to find a reliable Wnt5A antibody. I have already tried the Santa Cruz Biotechnology antibodies with variable success.

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Wnt5a Western Blott Detection

Hi, I have been blotting for Wnt5a on several of my extracts and i can never seem to detect the molecular weight provided in the data sheet, 43 kda. I always detect bands at 31 kda ( PNGase digested) or 35 kda (PNGase undigested) and was wondering if this is normal.