What happens to LEF-1?

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Dear all,

first off, this website and forum is fantastic. There should be more sites like this for other fields.

I am not working with the Wnt signaling pathway, but is very intrested in this field.
My question is about LEF-1 and please correct me if I am wrong.

When the canonical Wnt pathway is OFF, then LEF-1 is in an inactive state because it is bound by Groucho and other repressors.
When the pathway is ON, then B-catenin and other factors binds and activate LEF-1. Active LEF-1 will induce transcription of target genes.

Now to the question: What happens to LEF-1 when transcription is complete? Will LEF-1 be bound and inactivated by Groucho again or will LEF-1 be
released from DNA and be degraded?

Have I missed something, because I can't find any papers about this. If there are any papers that deals with this question, please post it here.

Thank you!

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Your question is really

Your question is really interesting. And I want to know too.

But according to my personal knowledge about the Wnt pathway LEF-1 is not likly to be degraded after transcription. It may just remain in the nucleus.