New features: Additional Profile Information fields and Page/Forum Thread Subscription

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Hi everyone,

We've added two brand new features to the Wnt Homepage: Additional Profile Information fields and Page/Forum Thread Subscription!

Additional Profile Information fields

You can now enter your full name, title/professional affiliation, custom URLs (to your research websites or LinkedIn profiles for e.g.) as well as research interests on your profile page. This could help fellow Wnt Homepage users find others with common interests. We could build further functionality with additional fields like profile pictures if community members so desire. Eventually, we could even enable a Wnt Homepage members listing that is viewable by authenticated users (no spambots).

To edit your user profile, simply visit the "Settings" link at the bottom of the page or click on your username in the left hand column of your forum posts. You'll be brought to your user page, click the "Edit" link and you'll be able to edit your contact settings/information, as well as add profile information. After you've done that, authenticated users clicking on your username will be able to view your profile information.

Subscribing to Page updates or Forum Threads

We've also added the ability to subscribe to individual pages within the Wnt Homepage, as well as to forum threads. 

To subscribe to pages or forum threads, simply click on the "Subscribe to: This post" link. You will receive an email everytime that particular page or forum thread is updated or commented on. You can manage your subscription preferences in your user settings page (visit Settings link at bottom of page) in the "Notifications" link. To receive notifications of updates immediately, leave the notification interval as "Immediately". To receive weekly, monthly or even semi-annual and annual digests of site updates, set the notification interval as "Weekly/Monthly/Semi-Annually/Annually". For now, these weekly/monthly/semi-annual/annual digests are in an abbreviated format with no information on the content of the update. If there are requests for digests with full content information, we will make this feature available.

Thanks for your active use of the forum, and please feel free to suggest additional improvements in this thread or others!