Wnt 2011 meeting - registration requirements

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To whom it may concern,

I am a young researcher beginning to become involved in Wnt biology.  As yet, I haven't amassed data enough to present at a conference, but I would be interested in attending this Wnt meeting to increase my knowledge and network with other scientists in the field.  Are non-presenters allowed to attend this conference?  What are the registration requirements?  Thank you in advance,
Sarah Raines

Xinhong Lim
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Wnt meeting 2011 registration open!

Hi Sarah,

you might be interested to know that the Wnt meeting 2011 registration is open! Find out more info here.

It doesn't seem like you need to be a presenter to attend the conference. If you have questions about attending, I would contact the organizers directly. Their contact information is on the Wnt meeting 2011 website, and Dr Marian Waterman, a new member to the forum, is on the organizing committee.