In vivo Wnt inhibition

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Dear Wnt community, 

I'm urgently looking for any possibility to inhibit Wnt signaling in the bone marrow compartiment of mice. I tried already Dkk-1 injections (0,5mg/kg, i.p.) in C57/Bl6 mice, but can't detect any down regulation of Axin2 at day 1 post treatment.

Do you have any experiences with in vivo use of small molecules such as IWRs or IWPs? Or do you have any other suggestions of inhibiting Wnt in the bone marrow compartment?

I would be really glad to get some help with this in vivo Wnt issue.

Best regards


salwa (not verified)
 Hello, I have used IWP, IWR


 I have used IWP, IWR and niclosamide to inhibit Wnt signaling but I got no good result. I did this in human cells Hek293T.

 So I don't know if it could help you, just try them.

good luck

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I want to inhibit wnt protein in extracellular with antibody or peptid . what is disadventage of this form ?

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I have the same question.

I have the same question.  Did you use antibody or peptid ?

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Emily84 (not verified)
With peptid


some weeks ago, i had this problem using peptid.

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