Nuclear events in Wnt signaling

Wnt signaling in the nucleus


In the absence of Wnt signals, TCF occupies and represses its target genes, helped by transcriptional co-repressors such as Groucho. Upon Wnt signaling,  β-catenin replaces Groucho from TCF and recruits transcriptional co-activators and histone modifiers such as Brg1, CBP, Bcl9 and Pygopus. β-catenin influences gene transcription in several ways. Its C terminus acts as a transcriptional activation domain. It binds histone modifiers such as CBP and Brg-1 and Parafibromin/Hyrax, homologs of yeast Cdc73.

See Clevers, H. & Nusse, R (2012) for an extensive review

 nuclear events