In Vitro assays Porcupine acyltransferase activity

In Vitro Analysis of Hedgehog Acyltransferase and Porcupine Fatty Acyltransferase ActivitiesJJ Asciolla, K Rajanala, MD Resh - Protein Lipidation, 2019Hedgehog and Wnt proteins are modified by covalent attachment of the fatty acids 
palmitate and palmitoleate, respectively. These lipid modifications are essential for 
Hedgehog and Wnt protein signaling activities and are catalyzed by related, but …

Probing Interaction of Lipid-Modified Wnt Protein and Its Receptors by ELISAAH Nile, RN Hannoush - Protein Lipidation, 2019Wnts are lipid-modified proteins that regulate stem cell signaling via Frizzled 
receptors on the cell surface. Determination of binding interactions between lipid-
modified Wnt proteins and their Frizzled receptors has been challenging due to the …